iSpooky for Windows Mobile, a Scary and Funny App

iSpooky windows app
iSpooky App for windows mobile is a scary and entertaining application that can make your friends and family jump, scream, and just plain scared to turn off a light.

The Fright Edition is customized to utilize the GSensor and Light Sensor of HTC Touch, HTC HD2 (Leo), and Samsung Omnia / Instinct Phones.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • High quality user interface
  • Light and Movement detection for phones like HTC Touch, HD2, and Samsung Omnia/Instinct etc.
  • Over 30 scary sound effects and screams included
  • Custom sounds loaded from a folder you select
  • Arm the phone using the light sensor and if the light changes, either the selected sound will play or a random sound will play.
  • Arm the phone to detect movement, place it in someone's jacket pocket and then laugh when they jump after they put it on.
  • Arm the phone using the movement sensor, and if someone moves your phone a preset or random sound will play.
Get the app from windows marketplace for $1.99

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