LockApps for BlackBerry enhances security and privacy

Lock Apps for BlackBerry
LockApps will lock down all your Social Networking Apps or anything on your BlackBerry device thus ensuring security and privacy of yours.

Locking your phone down completely may annoy you sometimes, however with LockApps you get complete control over what parts of your BlackBerry need to be locked.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Lock/unlock all delivered as well as installed apps including BlackBerry Messenger, Gmail and Facebook!
  • Lock/unlock all social networking apps
  • Protect your BlackBerry Messenger from unauthorized access.
  • Locks SMS and MMS
  • Lock call logs, address book, calendar etc.
Using LockApps you can lock down as much or as little as you want - full locking control of your BlackBerry! The app is available to download at BlackBerry Appstore for $4.99

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