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Smartphones are widely used devices at the present all around the world wide and customers are always interested in knowing about the mobile OS usage. Here is a classification which has been made on the basis of mobile OS used around the world.

Before the classification begin, there are some notable things like the use of Apple’s iOS in terms of North America, Europe and Asia-Oceania is very strong and on the other hand Nokia’s Symbian is a prominent leader in Africa, Asia and South America.

It is absolutely sure that Nokia is the world’s largest maker of mobile phones and therefore Symbian is the leader among all mobile operating systems and to follow are iOS, Blackberry, Android, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. The only place where Symbian is not popular is North America which is the dominated by iOS, Blackberry and Android.

The very recent Windows Phone 7 has just started its journey therefore might take some time to topple these heavy players of the smart phone industry.

According to the classification the first country in terms of usage of iOS is Canada with 83.7 % followed by Cuba and Switzerland. Astonishingly U.S, the birth place of iOS has just 35.2 %.

In the case of Android there is only one country on the globe which has more than 75% users and that is South Korea 78 % which is home for Samsung Electronics.

Now when it comes to Blackberry it is the leading mobile OS in four countries which are Dominican Republic 57.1 % in first with Guatemala 45.4 % second and U.K. 40.4 % at third.

Now comes Symbian which is leader in mobile OS for more than 100 countries and Chad comes first with 94 %, followed by Libya, Sudan, Iraq registering more than 90% usage.

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