Nokia N8 HD games will be Launched by Gameloft soon

nokia n8 gameloft games
It is extremely good news for Nokia N8 users who will now have a chance to experience some better games for their beloved handsets.

In an important announcement from Gameloft there are some games lined up for this handset which are briefly discussed below.

First comes, Hero of Sparta HD which is an action adventure game in which the user is King Argos, a stranded Spartan who will be an epic quest according to the Greek mythology involving furious battles from Oracle’s Island to the depths of the Underworld.

In addition there is James Cameron’s Avatar where the user will play the same role in the adventurous setting of the Pandora as in the movie.

In sports category there are Real Football 2010 and Real Golf 2011 which will be much of simulation type.

In racing it will have GT Racing Motor Academy and Asphalt 5 in which the latter one is a fast-paced arcade racing game whereas the former is more realistic featuring over 100 cars.

Hope your Nokia N8 will amuse you with this excellent games soon.

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