Opera for Android to support Flash & HTML5 Video

Opera Mobile for Android
Opera Mobile for Android platform will have some new improvisations in near future which are playing HTML 5 video and accommodating Adobe Systems Flash Player plug-in.

In an incident on Saturday it was revealed by Opera mobile team member Pavel Studney in a blog post which says that in case Flash player has been installed on the smart phone then Opera will support it.

HTML 5 video is one such technologies which has its foundation on Flash's turf and it allows the developers for embedding videos directly into a Web page which is the same technique done with images. 

It wasn't disclosed rather when these two features would be available but in terms of expectations these are not far away. While the Opera mobile is in its beta testing stage and will offer some serious competition with the built-in browser for the Android. Also another version of mobile web browser is been in the testing stage from Firefox which will be around the corner pretty soon.

The software language used for Opera Mobile is C++ programming language, unlike the Java variant which has been previously used for development purposes of Android applications.   


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