Remote Control App for WP7 - DOOFA

Doofa wp7 app
The recently launched Windows Phone 7 has a load of apps built for it and one of it is Doofa. This app allows the user to remotely control media software like iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC on the computer from the phone itself.

To avail this facility a PC server app has to be installed on the PC and a WP7 app will connect to PC and result in remote controlling of software. There are varied options present like the play, pause, skip forward, skip backward, stop, volume controls like mute and other controls.

This app Doofa can also control similarly other notable media applications like the iTunes, Spotify, PowerDVD 10 and Zune because of its excellent navigational controls for these applications.

It is very easy to install this app as after the execution of this software the necessary instructions will be displayed and result in successful installation.

To download the app, visit HERE

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