Remote Desktop for Windows Phone 7, a Perfect app to Control your Computer remotely

remote desktop wp7 app
Virtual Network Computing or better called as VNC complies with the very simple but sophisticated meaning of controlling the PC from anywhere through an internet access. 

Similar VNC app has been developed for WP7 called as Remote Desktop for the Windows Phone 7 which gives the user perfect facility to control the computer remotely from anywhere through internet access. 

This fabulous application allows the user to access, view and control the computer from the phone itself from anywhere in the world. The user can have explicit control of the computer's mouse and keyboard which can be used by touch screen of the phone. 

Some of the features of the app are:
  • The only application on Windows Phone 7 that gives you full access to remote computer's keyboard, mouse and screen!
  • Zoom in and out on the desktop screen
  • Easy and intuitive control
This excellent app needs installation of WP7 Remote Desktop server and VNC server on the user's computer and currently there is no support for RDP but in near future there might be some upgrading which will avail this feature in this application. 

Download the app from HERE.

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