Samsung Focus: 30 Best WP7 Applications

samsung focus best wp7 apps
Samsung Focus a Windows Phone 7 mobile has just started its race in the smart phone track field and the only thing which will be decisive in its success will be the variety of apps this platform has to offer.

Here are the 30 best apps for Samsung Focus, WP7 mobile which are truly excellent in their work:

This is a very famous and simple app which is available on Android and now in Windows Phone 7 as well. This app lets the user to have free access to more than 8000 wallpapers which are classified in about 50 categories which are again updated regularly.

AP Mobile:
This app will help the user to have access to all news including breaking news, stories from all over the world with exclusive photos and also videos from Associated Press. The news provided by this app comes from about 1200 news sources and this app is integrated with Twitter and Facebook.
This is an excellent application which serves as a comic reader for desktop and iPads and now for WP7. In this app the user can download more than 1000 comics and the best part is in readability with in depth zooming due to inbuilt Silverlight.

This is a cool app which allows the user to finger draw on pictures by loading them from phone or camera and then manipulating with different brushes. Also additionally this app has colorful stamps for adding artistry like animals, cars and many more. This app has support for many languages as well.

This app is a very famous music service on the Windows Phone 7 device and the users can have access to more than 750 local radio stations and celebrity hosted radio channels of U.S.

This app has an inbuilt offline mode which lets the user to listen to podcasts with ability to toggle and skip. This app is free to download.

Parcel Genie:
In this application the user can send gifts to beloved friends and family members right from the phone itself by using the email address. This is free to download for this platform.

Torrent Remote:
This is an excellent application for WP7 and allows the user to remotely manage the uTorrent client running on a PC. All the necessary functions can be done from this app no matter about the user’s location. This app comes for $1.99 in the Windows Marketplace.

Password Padlock:
This is an excellent app which allows the user to store passwords more securely and efficiently on Samsung Focus, Windows Phone 7 device. In this app the user can encrypt all their saved passwords just with one single master password which user AES encryption. This app is available for download with a cost of just $0.99.

PageOnce is an excellent tool targeted towards finance related problems. This app is a perfect finance manager for mobile devices and has notable features like account monitoring, transaction insights, bill tracking, spending history and real time alerts.

This app also provides a graphical view for the spending and the user interface is quite stylish with very neat and tidy presentation of the information. This app is free to download.

MyThings is a necessary app as it serves as the task manager for the mobile and is helpful in creating, storing and managing tasks and to-do lists. These tasks are certainly formatted within a project which can also be shared through email or even SMS. This app is absolutely free for this platform.

This app is unique in its own kind and is already successful for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. This app is available for WP7 now and it specializes in identification of music whenever the user hears it and then allows purchasing of songs through Zune marketplace. This application is free to download.

XBMC Remote:
This is an app which acts as library browser and remote control for the Samsung Focus and the inbuilt library browser includes both metadata and album art. Each and every relevant information can be displayed from a single panel and the user can send input to XBMC using the touch screen of the device. This app comes for $3.99 in the Windows Marketplace.

Where is My Car?
This is a cool app in which it stores the necessary information about the user’s parked car with the help of GPS location, picture, voice and description. This app has a cost of $0.99.

Weather Bug:
This is the same app which was earlier launched for Android and iOS and now for Windows Phone 7.
In its prominent features this app has information about local weather conditions, forecast, Doppler radar view and live weather cameras.

This app can be easily added to the home screen with an active live tile showing the latest and current weather conditions. This app is completely free to download.

This is a cool app which allows the user to find local movies by using current GPS location and also purchase tickets from the WP7 device which obviously requires a Fandango account.

This app also provides a list of reviews and trailers of upcoming movies and is absolutely free to download.

This is an excellent app which is concerned with foreign exchange currency converter in which the user can efficiently convert to various currencies. This app costs about $0.99 and is automatically updated via Yahoo finance.

Simple Audio Analyzer:
This is an excellent application which captures data from phone’s microphone and puts forward the data as FFT graph, meters and waveform. This app has three meters which are sound pressure level, peak and RMS. The parameters can be altered by simply sliding the finger and tapping. This app costs $0.99.

Handyscan is an application which works as a personal document scanner for this WP7 platform by enabling the phone’s camera to scan physical documents and sending those through email in the form of JPG or PDF format. This app is about $4.99 in the marketplace.

This is the official app from Amazon on the Windows Phone 7 which gives access to users to more than 725,000 books.

This app has Whispersync technology which will enable necessary synchronizing across this application. In some notable features the user can include personalized book recommendations on the home screen and the readability options varying from portrait mode to landscape mode. This app is absolutely free for this platform.

SkyFire Mobile:
This is a very popular mobile browser in which the users can watch videos, listen to music, do net surfing and lot more. This app also supports Flash 10 and Silverlight 2.0 and is absolutely free.

This is a very famous movie streaming app for desktops, mobiles and TV in which the user can browse the selected movies and read synopsis and also check their ratings. This app is absolutely free for this platform.

This app acts as Google reader client for WP7 and the users can perform a search regarding a feed by using the keywords and URL. This app launches the browser to show the full story. It costs about $1.99.

Media Control:
This app transforms the mobile device into a remote control in case the user is using media player. This app has support for Windows Media Center, media player, WinDVD, PowerDvD, iTunes and VLC media. This app comes for $2.99 in the marketplace.

This app allows the user to call Skype, google talk from its device which is free but the VoIP service needs to be paid. This is a free application and doesn’t require Wi-Fi connection.

This application is better than the default Microsoft translator for WP7 which supports only 5 languages in contrast to 30 languages and has an excellent user interface which comes for just $0.99.

This app allows the user to keep the desired image in detail and converting everything else in black and white background. This app costs just $1.29 in the marketplace.

This is productivity app which allows the users to make print outs of their documents to any configured printer and supports varieties of document formats.

Pictures Lab:
This application could be used to have ultimate effects for WP7 because of 20 easy-to-use and controllable effects which are vintage, lomo, soften, sharpen, comic, black and white and many more. This app has a cost of about $1.99.

This is an excellent tool which could be used for finding song lyrics and is integrated with WP7 and also with Zune media. This app is absolutely free for this platform.

This app allows the user to store all the item collections of the user on the device with the help of creating collection types and managing items and much more. This app can allow the user to authenticate other members to view the items on the collection.

To download any of the apps, just search for it in windows marketplace on your handset or in Zune on desktop.

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