Samsung Galaxy Tab: 15 Best Android Applications

Samsung Galaxy Tab Best Apps
In order to compete with Apple’s iPad, Samsung has come up with Galaxy Tab which is Android based tablet and according to the reviews from Sprint and T-mobile, this device is a potential competitor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab runs more than 100,000 Android applications but still developers need to concentrate to make specific apps for the Galaxy Tab keeping 7 inch screen in mind.

Here are the 15 best Android applications for Galaxy Tab:

Angry Birds:
This app is aptly for gaming section and it features the battle between birds which are angry because of the stealing of eggs by greedy pigs. In the game the user has to destroy the pigs’ fortresses by using the special powers of each bird. This game has an excellent game-play which requires extensive logical thinking and skillful tactics along with destructive forces to crush the enemies.

This is an app which lets the user to read e-books on the 7 inch tablet. With over 700,000 ebooks, the users can experience excellent readability through the extensive dynamics of the application in which the text size, color mode or even brightness could be adjusted significantly.

Exchange for TouchDown:
This is a popular email application from Microsoft with Active-Sync push technology and is also capable of auto detecting the larger screen size which is best for this device. In other features it has Exchange Contacts, calendars, tasks and notes in the email.

K9 Mail:
This is an android application which is a kind of open source email client with a heap of functionalities; multi-folder sync, email signatures, Bcc to self, return address configuration, keyboard shortcuts, Exchange Support, message flagging, IMAP deletes, saving attachments, configurable notifications and many more.

Fuze Meeting:
This is an excellent app for those people working as business and tech professionals who are constantly worried about their meetings with clients. Fuze Meeting is a mobile and web-based collaboration service and the app has integrated audio conferencing, synchronized video and image sharing.

This is the perfect application for watching streaming videos on the Galaxy tab and it has become more beautiful with its excellent user interface, in-page playback, personalized home screen video feed, attractive player controls for excellent playback experience.

Slacker Radio:
This is another app concerned with entertainment in which the mobile phone users can listen to personalized radio which features more than millions of songs from several artists. Slacker Radio is an excellent way to discover new artists and hear favorite track numbers along with excellent customizations for over 120 stations from every genre and even creating own stations which is new on this platform.

Spaghetti Marshmallows:
This is an excellent application in gaming section in which the user has to pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti, hence gaining more points which will eventually unlock next levels in the game. After completion of the level the user can unleash rampage and bring everything to the ground to symphony of snapping spaghetti.

This is an excellent app for the news lovers and it comes from the award winning journalism of The New York Times completely free of charge. This application has excellent navigational properties and customizations which are unique video display, various sharing tools, offline reading and font size adjustment.

This is a popular application where the users can make video calls to their friends and family members within the Skype. Also features included are instant messages and chatting with one or several users at a time. You can also make international calls at cheaper price and great quality.

This is another excellent app which allows the user to record videos and share them with friends, family members and favorite social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The users can send video mail to anyone, anywhere and also use them in blogging in case of WordPress and Blogger.

WSJ app will update WALL STREET JOURNAL news daily. It's perfect for who have no time to buy newspaper.

SparkChess is one of the few games which have been specifically designed in concern to the Galaxy Tab's screen size and the interesting fact is that this app is written in Adobe AIR.

Opera Mobile:
This is an excellent web browser application for this platform which has extensive features and customization for smoother working and efficiency. The 7 inch screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab is aptly suited for this app.

Asphalt HD:
This is a racing arcade simulation game with high octane experience for the Galaxy tab and this game has already won immense accolades in racing section.

To download any of the app, just search for it in Android market or scan the QR code of the app with camera in the provided link.

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