SPB Time for iPhone, the Best Clock App

SPB Time for iPhone
SPB Time for iPhone has been recently released by SPB Software. As the name suggests, this app is all about time management and its related functionalities like setting the clock and timing and also alarms. 

This application is bestowed with plenty of customizations in the form of free skins which are about more than 50; prominently moon phases, stopwatch and countdown timers, analog and digital clocks along with scrollable calendar. 

In terms of the alarm functionality this app is exceedingly better. The alarm functionality has got many selections like classic, paranoid and bio alarms which are much similar according to their names. The classic alarm is the normal one found in by default and the paranoid mode is for heavy sleepers which involves solving a puzzle and won't stop unless solved. Bio alarm is for those who needs gentle wake up at their correct stage of their sleep.

Get the SPB Time app for iPhone for $1.99 from appstore or you can try a lite version for FREE.

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