Toshl app for Symbian^3, an Expense Tracker Tool

Toshl app for Symbian^3
Toshl app for Nokia C7, N8 (Symbian^3 devices) is an expense tracker tool which will figure out your spending habits, track and remember your expenditures.

Some of the features of this app are:
  • Timeline view which offers you a look into your financial past, giving you a feeling about how much you spend daily and monthly.
  • Add quickly and easily the expenses.
  • Add Tags for expenses which help you sort and categorise your expenses like coffee, petrol, food, clothing etc
  • Sync your expenses to so they are always backed up, or even synced across multiple devices.
  • See graphical view of your expenses
  • Expert your expenses into excel, pdf or google docs.
Download the App for FREE from ovistore.

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