Trucks and Skulls Game for iPhone, Angry Birds Alternative?

trucks and skulls iPhone app
Trucks and Skulls for iPhone is similar to popular Angry birds game. The game is a challenging physics puzzler where you have to Smash Nitro-Burning monster trucks into piles of gaint skulls.

Trucks and Skulls is easy to play and loaded with explosions, collapsing buildings, wicked cool art, and the most epic collection of Monster Trucks such as:
  • DOOMSTONE: Use this armored semi truck to smash down concrete and steel defenses!
  • DIVEOSAURUS: This one man rocket needles through the narrowest gaps, and twists and turns to bring down death from above!
  • INSANERATOR: Bloated, loaded with fuel, and explodes on a hair trigger!
  • THRUST MONSTER: Fast, furious, and won't take "no" for an answer!
  • BOMBZILLA: Your buzz-bombing bunker-buster, arcing high above the fray and dropping hellbombs on target!
  • TRICLOPS: The truck that flies into the air, and then bursts into a hail of deadly missiles!
If you like angry birds, chances are that you may like this game too. And for $0.99 this should be definitely in your iPhone.

Download Trucks and Skulls game Lite version for FREE and full version for $0.99 from iTunes 


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