Voice Recorder app for Windows Phone 7

voice recorder app for WP7
Voice Recorder will transform your Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged sound recording tool.

Some of the features of Voice recorder app for WP7 are:
  • Recording any number of notes (sounds/your voice music) of arbitrary length.
  • Conversion of sounds into wav files so they can be easily consumed in other applications.
  • Sharing recordings with your phone contacts or arbitrary email addresses.
  • Ability to apply name and descriptions to any recording you make.
  • Full edit and continue which seamlessly integrates with windows phone 7 multi-tasking.
  • When the phone goes idle most recording applications stop, Voice Recorder is the first to support running under the lock screen so you can record longer messages.
  • You can configure how you want to be notified (no more message prompts and vibration).
  • Background email sending.
  • Combine recordings, bringing you closer to a full mobile sound recording and editing tool.
The app costs $0.99 and a must have one if you are interesting in recordings. To download, just search for it in windows marketplace on your mobile or go to HERE to download.

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