PhotoAlbums+ Jailbroken iPhone App helps to manage photo albums without iTunes

PhotoAlbums+ jailbroken app for iPhone helps to add and delete albums and move photos between them without using iTunes.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Add Photo Albums from stock Photos app.
  • Move Photos and Videos between Albums.
  • Delete Photo Albums.
  • Password-protect your private Photo Albums.
  • Copy the Album Folders to your PC via USB.
To download the app, just search for it in Cydia. The app costs $2.99.

Download Detective X Android Game Free

Detective X Android Game
Detective X puzzle game is the Android version of the Scotland Yard board game.

In Scotland Yard, the player controls the detectives trying to capture the elusive "Mr. X" before he can escape from London. The detectives move around on the board, which is a map of London, but Mr. X moves in secret; recording his moves on a pad.

All of the players can only move from one location to another if they have a ticket of the proper type. There are three types of ticket; bus, taxi and underground. The players have a limited supply of tickets and the detectives must work together in order to trap Mr. X.

The detectives try to close in on Mr. X's location. Every third move Mr. X must reveal his location which allows the detectives to slowly narrow their search. If a detective ever lands on the location occupied by Mr. X, you win the game. If Mr. X manages to elude the detectives until they run out of tickets then the Mr. X is the winner.

To download the game, just search for it in Android market or scan the below QR code using the camera of your android phone
Detective X Android Game QR code

Giorgio Armani Edition of Galaxy S available in UK for Free with Contract

George armani galaxy S phone
The Giorgio Armani edition of the latest Samsung Galaxy S smart phone is available for sale in United Kingdom. In terms of launching there has been some delay as this set was to be released during Christmas.

This phone is available at an online retailer called Phones4U for free with contract ranging around 40 GBPs.

In terms of specifications this phone is almost similar to the original Galaxy S smart phone and has some minimal differences in design. This phone also has the same HSPA technology, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, 4 inch capacitive touch screen with an Armani logo and runs on Android 2.2 Froyo.

Download SnugTV Mobile Player for Windows Mobile

snug tv mobile app for windows phone
SnugTV Mobile player for windows mobile is an application for watching SnugTV.

Just download the SnugTV Mobile player and install it on your Windows Mobile Phone then you can remotely access your home TV signal thru Wi-Fi/ 3G/ WiMAX and enjoy wireless, real-time home TV entertainment while on the go.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Watch real-time Home TV online.
  • EPG functionality provides program timetable and information.
  • Online schedule recording.
  • Online playback.
Download Snug TV mobile player for FREE from marketplace.

Note: SnugTV Mobile player requires use of an internet-connected Windows PC pre-installed with the SnugTV Station application & an AVerMedia TV tuner installed with a TV signal source.

Nimbuzz Ping with Free SMS Notification

nimbuzz ping with free sms notification
According to latest news, Nimbuzz which is a popular internet messenger multi-network and also a VoIP client has offered push notifications on feature phones. This feature is called Nimbuzz Ping & it allows the user to be visible to online friends and to receive SMS alert for free in the Nimbuzz community.

This latest feature is the part of the Nimbuzz Operator Partnership Program and is presently available to about 88 million subscribers. It is the work of operators to provide SMS alerts while nimbuzz ping manages income through ARPU from the additional data usage.

To know more about Nimbuzz Ping, watch the below demo:

Download Nimbuzz from here.

HTC Flyer Specifications Revealed!

The tablet power is the latest craze in the tech market. According to sources HTC Flyer, the new and first tablet from HTC has come into light with the specifications.
  • In terms of size this new tablet is similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab, with 7 inch having a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
  • The device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor in it.
  • This new device is having superior quality of 3G called HSPA where the download speed could be up to 14 Mbps. 
  • Also the HTC Flyer will be having a HDMI-connector and simultaneously enabling of DLNA which will be helpful for streaming of entertainment stuff.
  • There are two cameras in this tablet and the front one is for video calls and is 1.3 MP. The rear one is 5 megapixels with LED flash and facial recognition.
  • The operating system for this device is Android 3 Honeycomb as per the speculations though not yet officially confirmed. 
The HTC Flyer will be available in the markets during the second half of 2011.

Palm Massager Application for BlackBerry

palm massager app for blackberry
Palm Massager application for BlackBerry will unleash the power of your phone as a vibrating palm massager. You can use it on any part of you as you deem fit. With this app the hidden features were unlocked in all phones.

Choose the Calming or Rythmic Mode. Then click Start to turn the massager on. Click Stop to shut down. Go to Menu for other options.

Download the Palm Massager app for BlackBerry for $1.99.

Download Ninja Rush for Android Free

Ninja rush android game
Ninja Rush game for Android is yet another excellent free game developed by Feelingtouch Inc. All you need to do is just rush to the end of this ninja world by jumping.

Some of the features of the game are:
  • Try your best to jump over the cliff.
  • Double jump if you want jump higher
  • Click fire button to kill enemy samurai by shuriken
  • Speed up by slide forward and slow down by slide backward
  • Fly like a spider man with your ninja rope when you see the ceiling. Do not forget click to throw your rope at that time.
  • Achievement system.
  • Doodle like graphic.
Download the Ninja Rush game for Android from HERE

Port your mobile number to Google Voice

Google mobile number porting
Mobile phones are an essence of communication in today’s life. It has been into notice that a lot of users have expressed their desire to use Google Voice without sacrificing their phone numbers.

With the new Google Number Porting, the users can now make their phone number as Google Voice number and can even accept calls on computer.

In order to avail this facility there are some specific procedures to follow and these are
  1. Log into the Google Voice account
  2. Visit the Settings page.
  3. Click on Change/Port next to the Google Voice number.
This porting activity of the number to Google Voice will cost only $20 and will be activated within 24 hours. In order to be more specific the user need to contact the carrier for the additional charges applicable.

This facility is restricted to only U.S. citizens and after successful porting of the number to Google Voice the mobile plan will be cancelled automatically.

Turn your iPhone 4 into an Ultimate Toy

Check out the amazing new affordable app that turns the iPhone into the ultimate toy. The apptoyz helicopter was the latest innovation developed by Blue Sky Designs and Main Source.

BlackBerry Phones will run Android Apps?

blackberry-playbook to run android apps
It seems that until now each mobile giant company is concerned with its own operating system but for an innovative or revolutionary change RIM has some different plans. The Blackberry devices are to run Android apps and more precisely the upcoming QNX tablet and smart phones will accomplish this feat.

According to the news, Research In Motion is considering to integrate Dalvik virtual machine in the PlayBook and other QNX devices which supports java-based Android apps.

Now this event could be only completed if the two companies RIM and Google accept a mutual agreement which would provide official support to Android apps on RIM’s devices. Also in another way, RIM could opt for directly using Dalvik virtual machine which is open source software.

Galaxy S Hoppin streams movies directly to your phone

Galaxy S hoppin phone
South Korea’s telecommunication company SK Telekom is all set to release a new Galaxy S phone but with a different name according to the primary application it will be running. This phone has an in-built application which will establish connection with the TV and will be able to run Hoppin software.

Therefore this phone has been named accordingly as Hoppin because of ability to run this app which in turn streams movies from the phone itself. The movies will be available for a price range of 89 cents to $3.12.

In specifications of the phone, it will have a Hummingbird processor of 1GHz, 5 megapixel camera and runs on Android Froyo.

Verizon iPhone expensive than AT&T iPhone

verizon iPhone 4 costlier than at&t iPhone 4
According to sources, if consumers would buy Verizon iPhone then that would be costlier than the AT&T iPhone.

It was clearly mentioned in the Verizon’s frequently asked questions and in the Apple’s iPhone purchase page that 16 GB iPhone from AT&T will cost $599 and 32 GB from same will be around $699 .

But if the handset is bought off contract through Verizon then the price for 16 GB will be $649 and for 32 GB it will be $749.

According to Verizon’s explanation this hike of about 50 dollars is due to the CDMA chipset which is being used by the carrier network.

Angry Birds Rio Mobile Game Trailer

Rovio and 20th Century Fox join forces to create a new game, Angry Birds Rio! The game will launch with 45 dedicated levels based on the highly-anticipated motion picture, with regular updates lined up for the future. The game will be available for download on smart phones and tablets worldwide in march.

Create your own Ovi app with Ovi app wizard

Create your own Ovi app
Using Ovi app wizard it's easy to create a professional mobile application from your web content.In just a few minutes, you can bundle web content into a convenient and accessible mobile application to extend your brand to new markets, build market share, and even monetize your content.

Ovi app wizard takes you through the process step-by-step, and makes app creation easy.

To get started in creating your app, visit HERE.

Download Groupix Application for BlackBerry Phones Free

Groupix Application for BlackBerry
Groupix App for BlackBerry is the first cross platform app that allows you to create collaborative photo albums in real-time.

With Groupix, you first create a shared photo album amongst friends, then photos taken from each of your friend's smartphones are automatically stored in the shared photo album and immediately appear on all of the album members smartphones.

You can also view and download the album at

The application is compatible with many smartphone brands and devices.

Check out the below demo video of Groupix Application:

Download the Groupix Application for FREE.

ImageWarper, a Funny App for Windows Mobile

Imagewarper app for windows mobile
ImageWarper for windows mobile phone is funny application which allows you to warp pictures to make it funny.

Take a picture using the camera, or choose it from your device pictures and warp it easily by moving your finger/stylus on the screen.

Some of the features of this app are:
  • Take a picture using the camera and warp it easily.
  • Choose pictures from your phone and warp it.
  • See animated warping to learn how to make a face angry, smiling etc.
  • Preview pictures before warping it.
  • Save Picture.
  • 4 languages support: English, French, German and Italian
Download the Imagewarper app for $1.99 from marketplace.

Download BetterSleep App for Android Free

Better Sleep for Android
While watching the screen of your Android phone, have not you been troubled so that the device did sleep?

BetterSleep Application for Android will detect the vibration of the device to prevent the sleep transition.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • If you put a bag or pocket, The device can sleep.
  • If the device sleep, The app is paused and won't give the load to the device.
  • Sensitivity settings. 
Download the BetterSleep Application from HERE

Koprol app for BlackBerry helps people to have conversations based on places

Koprol app for BlackBerry
Koprol app for BlackBerry is a mobile community where people have conversations based on places.

Koprol has a growing directory of places where you can "check-in" and trade comments, share photos and reviews, with your friends and other people nearby.

While most social networks make you stay in front of the computer, Koprol goes with you as you roll around town and find friends to meet in real life.

Download Koprol app for FREE from appworld.

Memory Status Touch for Nokia N8

memory status touch for Nokia N8
With Memory status Touch application for Nokia N8 or any other symbian^3 device you can Keep track of your device memory status.

The app displays the amount of storage space in your device 's memory, hard drive and extra memory card.

Download the Memory status touch app for nokia n8 from HERE.

Download Line2 VoIP app for Android

Line2 App for Android
Now the Android users can make efficient voice calls with the latest VoIP (voice over internet protocol) application called Line2.

This application functions by allowing the users to add another line to the device so that the user can make calls or send messages. And these activities could be performed over Wi-Fi networks and 3G or 4G. In Android phones the possibility for this app grows more where an in-built feature allows the user to switch the number and also to speak the text message or even transcribe them.

As far as business related users, they can avail better facilities like PBX integration, call-forwarding and much more. This app Lin2 VoIP comes with free service for 30 days and then a monthly subscription of $9.95 for unlimited calls in U.S. and Canada.

This new app could face some serious competition from Skype and other apps of similar nature like Fring.

Download the Line2 VoIP application for Android phones from HERE.

Birdsong, a Premium Twitter Client for WP7

Birdsong twitter application for windows phone 7
Birdsong for Windows Phone 7 is a premium Twitter application which provides a native, performant and functionally rich experience. Its innovative design has features such as infinite scrolling and off-line viewing that are powered by a custom document database.

Some of the features of Birdsong Twitter client for WP7 are:
  • Configurable Timelines on the Home screen.
  • Integrated Picture Viewing.
  • Geo-tagged tweets are marked with a tweet property icon in your timeline.
  • Threaded conversations allow you to view an entire conversation in context.
  • Direct Message Threading between you and your friends.
  • Share existing or new photos using the fast TwitPic integration.
  • Integrated Web Browser.
  • Status bar shows your configured timelines.
  • Integrated theme with your choice of background and accent colour.
Download the app from windows marketplace for $1.99 or Free trail from HERE.

Motorola Xoom at Best Buy from Feb 17th

Motorola Xoom at Best Buy from Feb 17th
Motorola Xoom powered by a new version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb is all set to launch at Best Buy on Feb 17th. This is an innovative approach from Google in the field of tablets to take over its competitor Apple iPad.

The device has Nvidia Tegra 2 platform and is speculated that it could be the superior tablet till date. It first caught attention at the CES 2011 and made much raves and reviews.

Previously it was unclear about the launch and sale of the product. But now Engadget has brought this information that Best Buy will be the place where this device could be bought and the launch date is on February 17 2011. As per the price is concerned there is still no official announcement but it is assumed that it could be somewhere $799.

via Engadget.

Bubble Ball iPhone Game Play Video

Check out the Bubble Ball iPhone Game play video. The touch response is not that good sometimes in the game.

5 Best Upcoming AT&T Phones in 2011

Best Upcoming AT&T Phones in 2011
Check out some of the best upcoming phones from ATT in the year 2011 for consumers:

Motorola Atrix 4G:
This is coming from Motorola equipped with Android and has specifications which are 1 GB RAM, a dual core processor, 24 bit color graphics, two cameras; 1 VGA camera at the front, a 5 MP camera at the rear and a slot for micro SD card.

Samsung Infuse 4G:
This phone is also powered by Android operating system and has a slim design which adds up to its elegance. In specifications this phone will have a 1.2 GHz single-core Hummingbird processor, two cameras;1 facing front with 1.2 MP and a rear with 8 MP and a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen display.

Nokia X7:
This phone from ATT will be powered by Symbian operating system and has an eight megapixel camera. In other features this phone has 4 inch screen, 4 speakers and a slot micro SD card.

Asus E600:
This is an upcoming phone which will have WP7 as its operating system and has 5.2 MP camera with WVGA touch screen display. In other features this phone has Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5 mm headset jack and a micro SD card support.

HTC Inspire 4G:
This is also an Android powered phone with beautiful design which will feature a 8 megapixel camera and no other information are available.

Web TV Android App streams free TV to your phone

Web TV Android App
Web TV app streams online free TV from the web into your Android powered phone.

The app supports TV Channels in multiple languages including:
  • Mud Truck TV
  • Shopping Network
  • WSTV Classic Movies
  • Planeta - Russian News
  • Emmanuel TV Live from Nigeria
  • Hellenic TV 2 Live from Greece
  • M1 TV Live from Hungary
  • China Sports Live
  • Massive Mag Sports from Germany
  • Tele Amiga from Colombia
  • Tele Curacao Live from the Antilles
  • Alta Italia Live TV from Italy
  • KinWebTV Live TV from France
  • Deejay Music TV from Italy
  • Rede Mundial Live TV from Brazil
If you are a frequent watcher of the channels above, you can download the app for $1.99 from HERE.

iBasket iPhone Game Demo

iBasket for iPhone is an addictive game. My friend plays this game a lot and I just recorded one of his plays with samsung wave phone.

Download the app for Free from HERE

Motorola Xoom will be Best Android Tablet with Honeycomb

Motorola Xoom Best Android Tablet
Motorola Xoom, the latest tablet from Motorola is making enough raves and reviews as it is powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the latest Android version.

According to the professionals behind this device, this tablet will take use of the latest hardware feature which is a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor. Also there were specific teams from Motorola and Google who were working in collaboration for the development of this device. According to the members of the team, this latest version of Android is specifically designed for this device and is therefore the key factor for the performance of this device.

According to the makers, this device will certainly have better updates and upgrades before its launch and the best thing is that the other developers could make necessary adjustments because of the open source nature of the Android.

HTC Wildfire: 10 Best Free Apps

HTC Wildfire 10 best free applications
HTC Wildfire is a midrange phone from HTC with excellent features like Android 2.1, 5 MP camera etc. Here are the 10 best and must have android applications for your HTC Wildfire phone:

AK NotePad:
AK Notepad is an excellent tool because the user can come up with many instances of important things which could be forgotten unless and until scribbled somewhere. Hence this app comes to use at times. The user can save the notes with this app and can do much of sync even online and many more features like sharing the notes through SMS or email.

Lightning – A distance Calculator:
This is an excellent application which lets the user to find out the exact distance of lightning bolt from the place where the user is standing. The user has to first press the lightning button on seeing the lightning and then on hearing the thunder press the next button and the HTC Wildfire will calculate the distance in miles or kilometers.

Justin TV – Broadcast Live Video:
This is a new application for the HTC Wildfire and Android where the user can share its videos over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. This application has an excellent organized user interface which lets the user to share videos on Facebook and Twitter. In this app the user can chat with the friend who is watching the streaming videos uploaded by the user.

PayPal for Android:
There has been a latest update for the PayPal app on Android platform which has some improvisations like Bump to Send which means bumping of phones with other users for sending money. Also there are many other features like the tip calculator and bill splitter which work flawlessly in case the user hangs out with friends for dinner. The user can set reminders to pay bills through this application on the HTC Wildfire.

It is certainly sure that a lot of people are preferring e-books for reading purposes on their smartphones. Amazon has its own e-book reader application called Amazon Kindle. The user can use his Amazon account and can have a access to thousands of e-books from the HTC Wildfire itself. This app is absolutely free and the kind of features associated with this app makes it more and more adorable like formatting the text and color for better readability.

IMDB(Internet Movie Database) is the number one movie database which has information about movies, TV series and all the related aspects. The user can use this app for finding each and minute information about any particular movie or actor, actress, directors and anything related to movies and video entertainment. The user can also watch trailers, search for showtimes which is for U.S only and shop for DVDs, searching movie quotes, goofs, spoilers and much more.

UPS Mobile:
This is an excellent application which allows the user to track shipments details, find UPS stores and also view delivery times. The features of this app could best be availed when there is an account with This app is not a frequent usability but still it is pretty important.

This is an excellent application which allows the user to scan the barcodes on the packaged product and helps the user to read about the product’s reviews and find alternative deals concerning the product. This app has a database of more than 11,000 merchants in its database and the user can even create favorites list search for lowest prices in the particular area.

Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail:
This has been an excellent app for the Android users who are addicted to chat with friends on yahoo messenger and yahoo mail. The Yahoo Mail App has excellent features including push notifications, search, and upload/download attachments. The same push notification is available on Messenger app which allows the user to chat with Windows Live users and much more features.

GO Launcher EX:
GO Launcher EX is the extra version of GO Launcher , one of the most popular launcher app for HTC Wildfire in android market which provides elegant themes, fast performance and convenient experience.

What apps you use on your HTC Wildfire? Share the apps you use through comments section

Download FB Radar Android Application Free

fb radar android application
FB Radar App for Android phones is a mobile social network for interacting with friends Live. You can see where your Facebook friends are in real life, and how far they are from you.

The application is useful to know the distance between you and your facebook friend in real life. But in order to see your Facebook friends on the application, they must also have the application installed on their mobile device.

To download the app, just search for it in Android market or scan the below QR code.
fb radar android app qr code

Samsung Omnia 7: 15 WP7 Applications

samsung omnia 7 windows phone 7 apps
Samsung Omnia 7 is a popular windows phone 7 mobile. This phone has got a good market share among WP7 mobiles. Here are the 15 must have apps for Samsung Omnia 7, a WP7 mobile:

This app allows the user to avail e-books and is the official app from Amazon. It is truly excellent in its functionality. There is no requirement to buy digital books from anywhere else when you have this app installed. Due to the versatility of this app it is top rated in WP7 marketplace.

This app is meant for translation process and is much handy in its use and interface. The looks are not that impressive but still this app is able to cater the needs of the people. This app is just 99 cents and is a must have application.

Pictures Lab:
This is a photo editing application with a price tag of $1.99 can add photo effects and has editing techniques. The user interface is greatly impressive in this application.

Xbox LIVE Extras:
This is another free app which has some basic features like profile editing and messaging features. This all could be done once the WP7 is integrated with Xbox Live.

This app allows the user to check out RSS feeds of articles and websites which in turn allows the user to get more detailed information about any specific topic.

This is the official client app from eBay and is actually free in its use. In terms of the functionality this serves in the same way as the popular auction site where users can bid and buy their favorite products.

This app is from Facebook which is the king of all social networking sites and according to WP7 there is much deeper integration connecting People Hub with Facebook. In other features this app allows the user to necessarily do all those regular things offered in the site when operated through a PC.

This app as the name suggests finds a toilet during emergency times in an unknown place. In another feature this app could be used to review and rate different places which are used for standard tidiness and to avoid infection. This app is completely free to download.

This amazing app allows the user to stream videos from favorite TV shows and movies through a Wi-Fi network. But to avail this facility the user must have a subscription from Netflix and Wi-Fi network. This app has excellent features which are ever growing library of video content and therefore is must have app.

This is an official Twitter client app which is much excellent and efficiently functional. But sometimes the user also might think about using Seesmic which is a multi- networking application and alternatively could be used for sending tweets.

Virtual Remote: Media Control:
This app will simply convert the WP7 smart phone into a touch screen remote for the media player. In its features this app supports iTunes, Windows Media Center and VLC. This app has only a cost of $2.99 and is a must have application.

Flickr Manager:
There is an application in WP7 called Flickr Manager which makes it reasonably easier to see Flickr images and also this can be shared on Facebook and Windows Live accounts. This app is free to download and is a must have.

Adobe Reader:
This application is from Adobe which is helpful to read e-books because of the exceptional familiarity and readability of PDF files. This is certainly a must have application for the Windows Phone 7.

Unite is an excellent gaming app from Microsoft and it actually has puzzles for the user which needs to be solved with a ball that could be rolled around the screen with the help of sensors of the phone.

Cocktail Flow:
This app allows the user to find better refreshment drinks and beverages due to the in-built graphics and the sorting functions. But the only downside is this app is a bit costly when compared to its function.

To download any of the apps, just search for it in marketplace on your windows phone 7 or search for it in Zune software on your computer.

What apps you use on your Samsung Omnia 7? Share the apps you use using comments section.

CyanogenMod 7 improves Custom Gingerbread ROMs for major phones

CyanogenMod is popular with customized ROMs for the smart phones and lately it has developed a version 7 of the ROM which is quite stable version of Gingerbread. Most of the smart phones support this ROM including HTC Legend, Nexus One, HTC EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC Desire and myTouch Slide.

In this newer ROM there are many enhancements like the faster text input, improved audio effects, easy voice calls and better power management. This new version of ROM also has some core libraries and some better apps for downloading.

To download these ROMS, visit HERE.

Black Ops Guide for WP7, an unofficial guide for Call of Duty Black Ops game

Black Ops guide windows phone 7
The latest version of Call of Duty series called Black Ops is certainly the most played console game in the present scenario. Call of Duty Black Ops is a First-Person-Shooter game and also there is a new app for this game for Windows Phone 7.

The application is called Black Ops Guide which is an unofficial guide for this game and the user will get detailed information like map tips, weapon statistics, challenges, cheats and also survival features through this application.

Also this application will get a future update which will include better detailed maps, multiplayer tips and detailed weapons statistics.

Get the app for $0.99 from Zune.

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Hands On Preview

Check out the below video preview of Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY mobile phone.

Starbucks launched Mobile Payment System in U.S

Starbucks recently announced that there will be mobile payment facility in all U.S. company-operated stores. This facility will allow consumers to pay for buying of items inside the store from their smartphones itself.

This is the largest mobile payment system launched after the success of Card Mobile App from the same company Starbucks. In this program there are more than 6,800 stores which are related with the company and also there are more than 1,000 Starbucks in U.S. Target locations.

"This innovational approach by Starbucks will ease the consumers to make convenient and fast payments from their mobile phones itself", stated the Vice President of Starbucks Card and Brand Loyalty, Mr. Brady Brewer. It is good that improving innovative applications will increase the bonding between the consumers and the organization.

The Mobile Payment system is built on the Starbucks Card platform and over a couple of years there has been a substantial growth of customers as hinted by the officials. In order to experience this extravagant facility the users need to download the specific app for their respective smart phones. This application also allows customers to manage the Starbucks account, check or reload the card balance using any major credit card.

Currently this app is available for iPhone and BlackBerry phones. To download the app, just visit HERE.

iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Specifications?

iphone 5 ipad 2 specifications as per rumours
It is certain that the users are now anxiously waiting for the iPhone 5 and also want to know the specifications of iPhone 5 much earlier which will increase their curiosity. Well there are some rumors that the iPhone 5 will feature a new A5 multi-core processor and for graphics functionality there will be PowerVR SGX543 powered by Imagination Technologies. It is expected that this new device will be having a Qualcomm chip for enabling both CDMA and GSM networks.

In case of the iPad 2 it is speculated that the device will feature a 2048x1536 resolution and will have twin cameras according to the rumors. Also there will be a micro SD card and it is sure that all such rumors will be cleared during the launch on April with a price range of $599.99 and $699.99.

Tiki Towers 2, a Physics based Puzzle Game for iPhone

Tiki Towers 2 iPhone Game
Tiki Towers 2 is a funny and physics based puzzle game for iPhone. The game is very addictive and for people who liked Angry birds, Cut the rope and other physics based games will love this game too.

What is the game about?
After acquiring the ceremonial masks of their ancestors, the monkeys head home only to have their airplane shot down by a crazy gorilla dictator. Taking the plane and all the treasures within, the dictator makes for his palatial headquarters across the island. Can the skilled simians make their way through this treacherous monkey republic and defeat the dictator to win back their sacred treasures?

Some of the features of the game are:
  • Tackle 30 all-new physics-based challenges.
  • Build bridges and towers out of bamboo, coconuts, and vines to overcome water, lava and other obstacles.
  • Employ your monkey smarts to utilize helpful tools such as Magnets and Bolts.
  • Clear levels with multiple exits, pick up objects that affect your progress, and use the stick challenge to test your skills.
  • Swing through the Monkey Republic using the Island Map level selector.
  • Enjoy 10 new awards, a Monkey Theater, smashing audio, and a host of new perils.
Download the Tiki Towers 2 app for $2.99 from iTunes.

HP to announce HP Palm Topaz and Opal WebOS Tablets on Feb 9th

HP will be making a big announcement on February 9 as the entire world is eager to watch the unveiling of two new tablet devices from HP with WebOS.

This information was confirmed by Engadget along with some pictures of HP Palm Topaz tablet and HP Palm Opal.
HP Palm WebOS Tablets
In specifications these devices do not have any physical buttons on the front of the tablet and there is a front facing camera along with a micro USB port on the bottom. As visible from the pictures the Topaz will be having three speakers and definitely it will be of stereo sound quality.

While the device will reach the headquarters of HP in June and therefore the launch of the devices will be even delayed. The Opal device has some pretty interesting features like a 7 inch screen in three versions which are a Verizon LTE, Wi-Fi only and an ATT 3G version.

The competition in tablet market will be interesting because in next few months Apple iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and some Android tablets will be launched along with HP’s new tablets.

via Engadget

Scopy iPhone App, a Twitter Client for Photo Lovers

Scopy iPhone Application
Scopy app for iPhone is a beautiful Twitter client for photo lovers. With this app you can view embedded pictures from your Twitter timeline immediately.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Browse all photos from your timeline directly.
  • User can mark other users as favorite. Favorite users are listed in "Favourite" Tab for quick access.
  • Show mini map for geo-tagged tweets. Single click enlarge the map instantly.
  • Take snapshot, geotag the photo and post it to Twitter.
  • 7 easy-to-use effects to add mood and impact to your photos .
  • Tell your friends you like their photos by marking Favorite, Comment or Retweet!
  • Find friends and followers, and view all their photos instantly, in a row!
  • Search tweets with photos by keywords
Download the Scopy iPhone App for $0.99 from iTunes.

Android 2.2.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S via Kies

Android 2.2.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S
The users of Samsung Galaxy S can perform a firmware update to Android 2.2.1 through Samsung’s desktop application Kies. This firmware update will necessarily solve some bugs and errors along with some security glitches. This update also will increase the performance in terms of speed.

But it is necessary to notice that after updating there will be no super-user access and also the root access might get held off. Also the update is restricted to some regions and people from other regions has to wait for official update.

Gameloft Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden for iPhone & iPad will be Launched soon

The mobile gaming company Gameloft is all set to launch its upcoming creative role playing game Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden for the iOS devices and it is much similar to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda.

This role playing game is all set to launch in the month of February. This game will feature the protagonist as Ayden who is a young hero chosen by the God Uryah and has been assigned the duty to save the kingdom of Lasgalen from the Apocalypse.

In terms of the game-play of this game the player has options of horse riding and the player also needs to collect bonus items which will eventually be helpful during the combat.

As per the price is concerned there has been no specific announcement, but the speculations are that the iPhone version of the game could be around $4.99 and iPad version will be about $6.99.

Download Microsoft OneNote iPhone App

Microsoft OneNote iPhone App
There has been a new innovation from Microsoft as the organization has created an application called OneNote for iPhone.

As the name suggests, this application allows the user to take instant notes on the iPhone itself. This application is available for desktop users in the form of Microsoft Office tools.

Although the newly designed app is not that capable of its desktop counterpart but still then tasks like creating notes, checklists, embedding photos could be possible easily. In case the web application has additional support for tables, hyperlinks, graphic elements and various clip arts.

This app is compatible with most of the iOS devices and is available in the App store for FREE.

Samsung Star II S5260 Phone Launched!

samsung-star-II s5260
Samsung has unveiled its second generation Star phone known as Samsung Star II S5260. This new phone is not a smart phone but alike its previous version, this one has Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

In terms of the makers this device has been designed to develop a better social networking experience by utilizing the full potential of user’s total social life. It also features allowing maximum connectivity to networks, groups, friends and family members.

In specifications, this new handset Star II has an improved faster typing feature called QuickType by t9 Trace, 3 inch WQVGA screen, Wi-Fi, social networking apps, 3.2 MP camera and a micro SD card.

In around February this new handset will be available in European markets like Germany, Middle East countries and Latin America. The official price has not been declared but it is speculated to be around $170. The big question mark associated is that will this phone cause heavy sale similar to the previous version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint Overclocked to 1.2 GHz

Samsung Galaxy Tab Overclocked to 1.2 GHz
With the advancement of technology, the features of the product could be well enhanced. A similar thing happened with Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab when developers have made a kernel which increases the execution speed of this device to 1.2 GHz.

It has been confirmed by the developers of XDA developer forum and according to them this device scored a Linpack Score of 17.112 and a Quadrant of 1129. But it is advised to the users that before trying any such step, they must follow necessary instructions, do more research and then perform this activity.

To download kernel and overclock your device visit HERE.

ATM Hunter app for Android from MasterCard Launched

ATM Hunter app for Android
Now Android users also have the option to find nearby ATMs with the help of ATM Hunter app from MasterCard. This application is already much popular with iPhone and Blackberry smart phones.

This application ATM Hunter as it name suggests hunts or searches for the nearest ATMs according to the GPS information of the phone and then the user can visit nearest atm for retrieving cash. Also the results on this app could be filtered by using many criteria like financial institutions, accessibility, surcharges, deposit sharing and 24-hour services.

This app ATM Hunter is available for download in the respective stores of Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

Bubble Ball App from 14 years Old boy topped iPhone Free Games

Bubble Ball iPhone Game
There is no limitation to talent and this has been proved by a 14 year old boy who created an iOS game, Bubble Ball which took the top position from Angry Birds in free apps category. This enormously popular game is making huge raves in the App store and in just one month this app has been downloaded by two million users.

This game has been created by Robert Nay who is an eighth grade student. The boy received some assistance from his mother Kari and now this prodigy has launched this free game under his own production company Nay Games.

Robert Nay developed this game which is based upon physics puzzle game consisting of some platforms and a ball. Nay used programming language Lua and Corona software development kit (SDK) from Ansca Mobile to devise this game. Nay who was keen towards programming from a very tender age wrote more than 4000 lines of code for this game.

Download Bubble Ball app for FREE from iTunes.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G for T-Mobile Announced

t-mobile samasung Galaxy S 4G
It has been officially announced by T-Mobile that the fastest smart phone operating on its 4G network will be none other than Samsung Galaxy S 4G. This device will be powered by Android 2.2 Froyo with Super AMOLED touch screen.

According to the chief marketer of T-Mobile, there will be 4G data plans starting from $10 on monthly basis and the speed will be terrific. This will certainly result in more customers for the craze of this phone.

Touch Calendar App for Android Phones

Touch Calendar App for Android Phones
There has been a new app developed for Android called Touch Calendar and as its name defines, it will show the whole calendar on the screen and also has zooming capability.

With this app, the users can have an improvised way to view the calendars on their mobile phones. The uniqueness of this app is that this will present all the necessary information in a single scrollable view which could be zoomed for more minute details.

This app also runs reminder functionalities which will remind the user about important tasks they had to do. This application comes in two versions, a free and another paid version. The user must opt for the paid version which is just 1 GBP and has excellent features.

To download the touch calendar app for Android phones, visit HERE.

Facebook for Feature Phones app Launched

facebook for low end devices
It is true that Smartphones had revolutionized the way of mobile usage but still there are only few Smartphone users because of some shortcomings. Most of the people still using low end devices.

A new application has been launched for low end devices which have a single purpose of social networking functionality, particularly incorporating Facebook with the phones. Most of the mobile manufacturers can now heave a sigh of relief as this new app called Facebook for Feature Phones app is perfectly working on about 2500 devices from all major brands.

In terms of appearance and interface of the app, it clearly provides excellent features for Facebook and all major functionalities could be performed easily and efficiently. Also the makers have decided to provide free data access from about 14 mobile operators for a limited period of 90 days after the launch.

Launching on for the following countries:
  • Dialog (Sri Lanka)
  • Life (Ukraine)
  • Play (Poland)
  • StarHub (Singapore)
  • STC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Three (Hong Kong)
  • Tunisiana (Tunisia)
  • Viva (Dominican Republic)
  • Vodafone (Romania)
Launching soon:
  • Mobilicity (Canada)
  • Reliance (India)
  • Telcel (Mexico)
  • TIM (Brazil)
  • Vivacom (Bulgaria)
via facebook blog

SATS iPhone App now Available for Android OS

SATS Android Application
Though this is not an official SATS application, this Android application is a working replica of the SATS iPhone application version 1.1. 

Some of the features of the app are:
  • You can log in and book/cancel classes
  • Find your nearest SATS center
  • Get the best information about health and fitness
  • The application is in Swedish and English. But depending on which Nordic country you choose, information is provided in that language.
All functionality in the application is like in iPhone app, no extra functionality is provided.

Recent changes in v. 1.1.2:
  • Search filter can be saved
  • Map is shows
  • Centers with long namnes selectable in map.
  • Shuts down GPS if used
  • Date picker mismatch fixed.
  • Force close on login, if network problem.
  • Force close in some cases when retrieving news feed.

MegaReader iPhone / iPad App gets Heads Up Display

megareader iphone ipad app with HUD
MegaReader App for iPhone/iPad gives you access to over 1.8 million free eBooks. You can build your own personal library from both the classics and free modern indie books for easy reading on the go.

MegaReader is also the world's first eBook reader for iDevices with a Heads Up Display (HUD) option which is popular in android powered devices. It is like reading a book printed on glass. You can see through a book, while you read through a book.

You can read a book while walking on the road, by seeing road on your device using camera with text overlapped on it.

Download the MegaReader App from iTunes for $1.99.

Google Nexus S to be Launched in South Korea in February

Google Nexus S in South Korea
The people of South Korea will soon be able to experience the delight of Google Nexus S as it will be launched in the month of February. South Korea is the home country of Samsung Electronics and Google Nexus S is also creation of this major company. After successfully launching Nexus S in US & UK, now it is the turn of South Korea.

The carrier in case of this country will be SK Telecom and presently it is busy conducting some final tests before its prior release to the common people. Well the Nexus S is certainly the first smart phone operating on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a hummingbird processor of 1 GHz, an additional graphics co-processor, 16 GB of internal memory.

In other specifications this is the first smart phone to have 4 inch curved Super AMOLED display, a 1500 mAh battery, 3G, Wi-Fi and a 5 MP camera with LED flash.

Voyage Prive iPhone App Gives Access to Exclusive Travel Deals

Voyage Prive iPhone App
There is a new iPhone application available on the iTunes and it is from the popular travel sale website called Voyage Prive. This new innovation will facilitate the iPhone users to access the insider and exclusive travel deals.

The user will get all relevant maps and photos while browsing the application and the Call customer service feature will allow the user to directly inquire with some real authorized person.Some of the other features of the app are:
  • check out our private sales and access exclusive mobile offers
  • save your favorite offers and sign up for sales alerts
  • invite your friends to join
  • securely book your next trip
This application is free to download and has access to all its members for purchasing best travel packages and also know about discount offers. At first this app was launched for the French members and it was a huge hit. Hence it was launched to people in the other part of world

Download Voyage Prive iPhone app for FREE from iTunes.

Disney Android Phone Launched!

Disney Android Phone
The leading animation industry of the world, Disney is entering into mobile market. The Disney Mobile which in Japan is called as MVNO is all set to launch its first smart phone.

This new smart phone will be running on Android 2.2 Froyo and the Japanese consumers can avail this device by the early of next month. In terms of features this Disney Android phone has 1 GHz processor with exclusive Disney content and services. In other specifications it has a fabulous 9.6 MP camera, high definition video recording and 3.8 inch WVGA 3D touch screen.

The price of the device is still not known.

Download Free Air Hockey Android Game

Air Hockey Android free game
Air hockey for Android is a game for competing players (you and the computer) trying to score points in the opposing player's goal. There are three different difficulty levels for you to conquer: easy, medium and hard.

With this game you can practice your skills against the computer opponent for future World Championships. The game is very addictive to both young and old people.

To download the game, just search for it in Android market on your phone or scan the below QR code using your phone's camera.
Air hockey android game qr code

Slothcyclopedia Windows Phone 7 App Updated

Slothcyclopedia windows phone 7 app
UK-based Amused Sloth today announced the release of the updated version of Windows Phone 7 application Slothcyclopedia. What makes it special is that it gives you the opportunity to have tons of knowledge at your fingertips. This application is the best tool one can have to explore the vast knowledge available on Wikipedia and other wiki sites.

Slothcyclopedia enables users to efficiently:
  • View articles from Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, WikiHow and a few other online encyclopedias.
  • Save their favorite articles and view them offline.
  • Keep a history of the read articles, so they can easily come back to them.
  • Add their own wiki sites to search and explore.
Enhancements include improved capabilities and features:
  • Add your own wiki sites to the application
  • Table of contents
  • Support for GIF files
  • Support for saving images on your device
  • Improved rendering engine
  • Performance improvements
The app costs $0.99 or you can download free trail. To download the app, just search for it in Marketplace on your mobile or download via zune HERE to your desktop.

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