10 Most Addictive iPhone Applications

10 most addictive applications for iPhone
Here we have a list of 10 most addictive applications for iPhone and certainly most of are gaming apps in the list:

Angry Birds:
This game has been developed by Rovio Mobile where little green pigs are hungry for eggs and the player has to fire at these pigs by using raged birds and so is the name of the game. It is officially confirmed that this app is the most selling iPhone app of 2010 which is because of the excellent game-play and game dynamics. This game comes in a free version and also for $0.99.

The Moron Test:
This app is developed by DistinctDev and is a brainteaser testing quiz. In this game if the player gets too many answers incorrect then the test begins again. So it’s quiet addictive and a good way to find out some friends. This also costs about 0.99 USD.

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz:
This excellent arcade game is developed by PopCap games, Inc and costs is about 0.99 USD. This game features the favorite match-3 game plus a “blitz” version where players will have a minute to score highest points using score multipliers and new gems.

Paper Toss:
This game is developed by Backflip Studios which has a very simple objective of tossing paper ball into a trash can. Well earlier people used to do this in office and now they can do it on their iPhone. This game is FREE to download.

Cut the Rope:
This is another very simple but addictive game which has pretty interesting game dynamics and is developed by Chillingo Ltd. which is now a subsidiary of EA games. The user has to just cut the rope which has a candy attached to it so that a frog could get it, using perfect timing in terms of physics and natural laws.

Fruit Ninja:
This game has been developed by Halfbrick Studios and is a definitely addictive game. In this game the user slices the fruit in ninja-style and is quiet fun.

Traffic Rush:
This application is a creation from Donut Games in which the users has to flick and tap cars across the screen and maintain a busy intersection and should be crash-free.

Doodle Jump:
This is the excellent creation from Lima Sky and unfortunately it lost its top position due to Angry Birds but still is quite addictive. This game has cute and scribbled graphics in which the user has to make high jumps against incoming materials.

Tap Tap Revenge 3:
This is made by Tapulous Inc. and is absolutely free which features an awesome, tap-rhythm musical game for the iPhone.

This app is from Zynga and is a strategy game where the user has to do all the duties of a farmer like crops and poultry. This game is quite addictive and adds lot of fun.

What iPhone Apps are you addicted to? Share your addicted apps through comments section

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