10 Must Have Free iPhone Apps

Here are the 10 must have applications on your iPhone:

This app allows the user to make video calls over 3G network and also allows for free texts and calls for fellow members of Skype.
BBC News:
This is an official client app from the BBC News Corp. and it has excellent features for the iPhone. In its extensive features this app categorizes the news stories for better readability. The photos and videos involved in the news are excellent. Also the unbiased stories from different areas around the world makes this app more interesting for iPhone. The user can also listen to live news feed from radio broadcast.
PS Express:
This is an application which will provide its functionality during the photo capturing activity of the iPhone and also will help in some tweaking. The app allows the users to adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, cropping images and also filtering for some excellent effects. The user can even share these photos by uploading to Facebook account.
This app allows the user to take some serious notes which will certainly prove useful in future context and therefore involves a risk of forgetting. This app has excellent features of syncing and an excellent user interface, which makes it a must have application.
This is the famous card game found in every Microsoft creation of computers and also is the most played game by the users. Now there is an app for iPhone and it is similar to the PC counterpart with the same aspects of game. The only recurring problem is that a large advertisement gets every time when a new game is launched which could be skipped.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
This is an app which serves as a pocket dictionary and has the ability to search for words just by uttering the words. Although this app is loaded with great features like cross-referenced words and much more, but it has lot of ads.

This is an excellent application which never lets the user to get bored. This app streams movies and TV shows to the device itself provided there are two requirements. First is a Netflix account and the second one is Wi-Fi network. The best thing about this app is in its interactive user interface and the ability to pause and then resume the video.
This is a music application which creates a playlist according to the tastes and moods of the user. This is a must have application for the iPhone as it refines the music according to artist and also to the radio station.
This is a versatile app which serves as an E-book reader and its versatility accounts on the fact that this application allows reading of those books which aren’t protected by Digital Rights Management. This app also allows the user to share the favorite books among their friends having similar devices.
Tap-Tap Revenge 4:
This is a gaming app similar to Guitar Hero in which the user tap notes in time to hit tunes as the notes scroll across the screen. This game has an excellent touch screen interface and also depicts that sometimes mobile gaming is more than just fun.
Which apps you like most on your iPhone? Share it via comments section.

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