50 Useful Free iPhone Apps

50 Useful Free iPhone Apps
Here are the 50 Useful Free Applications for iPhone:

Music Apps:

This app instantly identifies the song which is heard by the user for first time and this can be done by just pointing the iPhone towards the music source to identify and buy the track, or share it with friends and family.

This app allows listening to more than 5 million tracks for free on the iPhone and also the user can create personal radio stations based on any artist or genres, and listen to commercial free music for hours.

This is another award-winning radio app which allows listening to free personalized radio on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is important to notice that this app gives the user access to the entire Slacker music library which features millions of songs from thousands of artists. The best thing is that with a Slacker Radio Plus subscription the user can store favorite Slacker stations on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and listen later.

This radio application delivers over 750 of America's favorite radio stations right to the user's iPhone or iPod Touch. The user can bookmark its favorite stations, tag songs for purchase on iTunes and view lyrics to the favorite songs. In other features this iheartradio has best selection of exclusive digital stations including Slow Jams, White House Brief, erockster, Pride Radio, Smooth Jazz, AT40 with Ryan Seacrest and some of the top talk stations in the country featuring Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura and many others.

This app is more than a voice recorder which can be used to to recall a conversation later, or to capture the sounds. This app called Griffin iTalk for the iPhone is truly indispensable.

Social Apps:

This app surely comes first because of the supreme command over the social networking media all over the world. This app for iPhone platform makes it easy for friends to stay closer and also to share all information among them. The users can chat, check status updates and view photos, look for a phone number and even upload mobile photos to the Facebook account.

This is the next big thing in social networking and also has similar functionality to Facebook but only here people or member tweet about their daily happenings. This is an official client app for iPhone where the users can perform Realtime search, Top Tweets, trends topics and maps to know all happenings about the world.

This app is free for iPhone and using it the user can chat with his Facebook friends and it does not matter if they are AIM users or not. In order to get started the user has to click the Facebook Connect button at the top of the AIM Buddy List. After this action all the Facebook friends and groups will be subsequently added to the user's Buddy List.

This is an excellent app for those persons who use LinkedIn on desktop. LinkedIn lets the user to conduct the client meeting on the go and on time without missing anything.

This app on the phone will allow the user to make free calls on iPhone and iPod touch to friends and family members. This app also allows the user to call landlines and send SMS anywhere in the world to their distant relatives and friends.

Productivity Apps:

This excellent app allows the user to extend their possibilities of their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by remembering anything which is of much importance pertaining to the user. The user can put down notes, ideas, snapshots and recordings into this app and can sync it on to the web.

This app allows the user to save pages from online newspaper so that the user can read them leisurely afterwards. Also in other features this app allows the user to bookmark the pages last left and therefore this app is excellent for reading long articles and blog posts.

This app is excellently fast, clean, and is a synchronizing notes application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 

This application is the result of IBM Almaden Research Center and is a revolutionary text input method that relieves the user from the tediousness and difficulties to a more subtle and conventional method. By using this app the user just need to slide the finger on the gesture-keyboard and lift to complete an entire word.

This app lets the user to write the text by finger which is quite enjoyable and the ingenious list manager allows the user to write complete sentences by accommodating any length of text on the screen.

Utility Apps:

This application fills the screen with bright white light and it serves as a torch whenever the user in a dark spot or concert. Also this app has some more pretty customizations and it uses LED flash for its functioning.

This app allows the user to know about the majority of live happenings involving police, firefighters, aircraft, railroad, marine, and any kind of emergency situation.

As the name suggests this app turns the iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock.

This app helps the user to find free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots no matter of the presence in the entire globe and this feat is accomplished by this app by using the iPhone's GPS and network triangulation.

This excellent app allows the user to use iPod touch or iPhone as a ruler and this can be done by placing any object intended to be measured on the device screen. This app could be used to get a more accurate measurement.

Business Apps:

Dragon Dictation is an easy to use voice recognition app which is powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking and allows the person to easily speak and see messages and texts instantly. In reality using this app is many times faster than typing on the keyboard. In other features this app allows the user to update the Facebook status, send notes and also setting up necessary reminders.

This app allows the user to tap into WebEx online meetings on the iPhone itself and by using this app the user can attend, schedule meetings and also start them. This app will certainly provide excellent experience due to the 3G and Wi-Fi support for simultaneous and uninterrupted data and audio.

This app is specifically designed for those iPhone users who constantly want updated information about their shipping product. In this app the usage is completely easy where the user has to just enter the FedEx tracking number and then all the necessary data can be retrieved about the shipment. In other customizations the user can give nicknames to different shipments and add notes or create a watch list for monitoring of important shipments.

This is an excellent application which allows the users to add subscribers to the mailing list and view fancy reports for email campaigns. It also allows to view how the proceedings are going on through Twitter. It has a newsfeed called Chimp Chatter which shows the status of the current account of the user, refer friends to MailChimp and in turn earning credits.

This is an excellent app for iPhone which is designed to increase the productivity of companies and organizations by providing short frequent answers to simple question like "What is the current trend?" and such sort. When such answers and feedbacks are received from employees then a collaborating communication is built which enables the employees to voice their ideas, suggestions and answers. This app can be used to build up an efficient network in any organization but these networks are private and only authenticated persons are allowed to access this network to share information and views.

Finance Apps:

This is the official client app from PayPal and is certainly the efficient and secure way to send money from the iPhone to friends and family without any hassle. This app is more flexible than the troublesome work needed to do in ATM to withdraw cash, writing checks in the traditional way.

The official client app from Yahoo! for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows the user to manage and have a full coverage to financial status of the world at the fingertips. This app provides each and every detail about financial information ranging from all aspects.

This is another iPhone app from CNN which profitably delivers important business news and comprehensive market coverage by enlisting all the major happenings around the world. The app has news, analysis, financial data and original video content which are consistently relevant to professionals.

This app allows the user to the most trusted source for financial information on iPhone and tools to help the user to analyze the world's markets.

This app allows the user to accept card and cash payments for personal business, service in a convenient and secure manner. This app has got very intuitive user interface and also is quite easy.

Sharing and Syncing Apps:

This app allows the user to view, share and manage the remote files in the PC directly from the iPhone itself. In other features this app also allows to share files and folders with anyone and upload photos and contacts.

This is the most efficient app for synchronizing and sharing the user's files online and across the computers. In its features this app allows to view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and photos and also to export files to other iPad apps. The user can also use iPhone camera to take photos and videos and save them directly to this Dropbox and then sharing them later on.

This is a web-based service and the application allows the user to share, manage and access all the content from anywhere in the world. In order to get started the user has to get a free Box account.

This app lets the user to have all necessary data immediately irrespective of time and place of the user and also to instantly access cloud-synced files, photos and music from all the computers of user. In other features the user can view files and photos, stream music, and share files and folders with friends and colleagues.

This is a powerful app which is quiet user-friendly and copies files on the user's device. This app allows the user to search any document within seconds.

News Apps:

This is an excellent application for iPhone which allows the user to receive FOX News Alerts, and to read news stories, watch stream live video and to listen to FOX News Radio and a lot more features.

This app showcases all latest news stories, sports scores, weather and photos from USA TODAY available on the user's iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is another new app which serves to offer world news from all over and also a better personalization to satisfy the individual user needs. This app allows the user to select local news from trusted local newspapers and broadcasters and combine it with the best of the AP's videos, photos, and national and international coverage.

This is a free app which lets the user to dive in a fuller spectrum of news. The user can access the day's top headlines or explore a wide range of videos and stories covering everything from world news, business and sports to entertainment, technology and weather. Also the user can share important articles through social media.

Travel And Weather Apps:

This is the true and genuine app for knowing live local weather and it allows the users to access largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world.

This interesting app lets the user to explore the native planet with just the swipe of a finger. This app is similar in functioning with the desktop version of Google Earth and includes high-resolution imagery.

This app allows the user to look for interesting places to hang out when the user is in a new place intended for travel or business. The user can use this app for finding out useful locations whenever in a new place.

This app allows the users to have access to real-time status for flights, live weather reports, route maps, hotel information and car rental information in order to have a safe and sound journey.

This app organizes all the travel plans in the iPhone itself and then the user can acces necessary information from it during the travel.

This is another app which is related to flight information along with flight status and it also takes a note of flight, lodging, and rental car details in a better understanding format.

Food Apps:

This app is handy when the user is confused to have better restaurant for food in a first-time travelled urban area and certainly it is up to the mark.

This is an official application from Happy Hours which is a premier happy hour guide and has a showcase of all the food and drink specials in proximity of the user. The user clicks through to see a photo of the bar or restaurant, and other relevant details such as the menu, location, amenities, along with people reviews.

This app also helps users to find good food around them and it is very recently launched.

This app allows the user to make free restaurant reservations at over 13,000 restaurants in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom which are OpenTable-enabled.

This is an excellent free app for iPhone or iPod Touch which lets the user to search good wine to pair with food or enjoy wine on its own (by taste or flavor), or even to gift them.

What free iPhone apps you use most? Share the apps you use in comments section.

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