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Detective X Android Game
Detective X puzzle game is the Android version of the Scotland Yard board game.

In Scotland Yard, the player controls the detectives trying to capture the elusive "Mr. X" before he can escape from London. The detectives move around on the board, which is a map of London, but Mr. X moves in secret; recording his moves on a pad.

All of the players can only move from one location to another if they have a ticket of the proper type. There are three types of ticket; bus, taxi and underground. The players have a limited supply of tickets and the detectives must work together in order to trap Mr. X.

The detectives try to close in on Mr. X's location. Every third move Mr. X must reveal his location which allows the detectives to slowly narrow their search. If a detective ever lands on the location occupied by Mr. X, you win the game. If Mr. X manages to elude the detectives until they run out of tickets then the Mr. X is the winner.

To download the game, just search for it in Android market or scan the below QR code using the camera of your android phone
Detective X Android Game QR code

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