Download Line2 VoIP app for Android

Line2 App for Android
Now the Android users can make efficient voice calls with the latest VoIP (voice over internet protocol) application called Line2.

This application functions by allowing the users to add another line to the device so that the user can make calls or send messages. And these activities could be performed over Wi-Fi networks and 3G or 4G. In Android phones the possibility for this app grows more where an in-built feature allows the user to switch the number and also to speak the text message or even transcribe them.

As far as business related users, they can avail better facilities like PBX integration, call-forwarding and much more. This app Lin2 VoIP comes with free service for 30 days and then a monthly subscription of $9.95 for unlimited calls in U.S. and Canada.

This new app could face some serious competition from Skype and other apps of similar nature like Fring.

Download the Line2 VoIP application for Android phones from HERE.

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