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makeup simulator app for android
MakeupSimulator App for Android will makeup your virtual face on your mobile screen.

Some of the features of Makeup Simulator for Android are:
  • Face analysis taken by smart phone camera or any picture from Album
  • Face recognition algorithm using web-service technique
  • Easy adjustment of analysis area on face
  • Comparison of before and after makeup
  • Selection any user-defined color
  • Saving the image after makeup
Makeup Simulator will analyze your face and makeup on 8 different parts such as
  1. Foundation : Whole part of Face
  2. Blur : Cheek
  3. Lipstick : Lip
  4. Lipliner : Lip line
  5. Base Eyeshadow : Upper eyelid
  6. Point Eyeshadow : Point parts of upper eyelid
  7. Eye Liner : Line of eyelid
  8. Under Eye Liner : Under line of eyes
Download the Makeup Simulator app for your Android phone from HERE.

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