Download SnugTV Mobile Player for Windows Mobile

snug tv mobile app for windows phone
SnugTV Mobile player for windows mobile is an application for watching SnugTV.

Just download the SnugTV Mobile player and install it on your Windows Mobile Phone then you can remotely access your home TV signal thru Wi-Fi/ 3G/ WiMAX and enjoy wireless, real-time home TV entertainment while on the go.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Watch real-time Home TV online.
  • EPG functionality provides program timetable and information.
  • Online schedule recording.
  • Online playback.
Download Snug TV mobile player for FREE from marketplace.

Note: SnugTV Mobile player requires use of an internet-connected Windows PC pre-installed with the SnugTV Station application & an AVerMedia TV tuner installed with a TV signal source.

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