Facebook 3.3 for iPhone Available to Download

Facebook 3.3 for iPhone
There is a newer version of the social networking giant Facebook client application for the iPhone which is 3.3.3. It is obvious that any application with newer updates will be having some additional improvisations and must be noteworthy.

The additional notable features are:
  • Improved reliability in chat and messages
  • Improved notifications UI
  • Fixed memory usage
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Restore ability to post as a page in admin
  • Fixed group photos
  • Various Places improvements
But surely the most efficient update is about the frequent crash issue which was quite a problem for the users of this platform. This is an excellent work for the ‘behind the scenes’ team of professionals for making a spectacular update.

The users of Facebook app can install these updates by checking on the updates panel within the App store and then clicking on the installation link.

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