Google Goggles Updated with Barcode Scanner, Print ads and Sudoku Solver

Google Goggles app updated
A new version of Google Goggles which is faster and even smarter for Android smart phones is available to download. This version has many features like instant scan of barcodes, recognizing print ads in popular magazines and newspapers etc.

Instant scan of Barcodes:
This is very essential during shopping that a product should be looked for barcode which is sign of trust for the manufacturer. The new version of Google Goggles does the scanning of barcodes faster and this can be accomplished by first opening Goggles and hovering over the barcode or QR code, then all necessary results are in front of the user.

Print ads in magazines and newspapers:
This is an excellent idea to connect offline media to online media and therefore Google Goggles will recognize print ad and return web search results about the product or brand which has appeared in newspaper or magazines.

This is another interesting feature involved in the Google Goggles which will help the user to solve Sudoku puzzles and also avoid frustration of users. Goggles application on smart phones is able to recognize puzzles and provide answers which will make the user a Sudoku champ.

Google Goggles is available for both Android and iOS Platforms. Just search for it in the respective appstore to download.

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