Nokia N8: Best Symbian Phone until now!

Finnish electronics giants Nokia should be rather pleased with their 2010. Even though for the last couple of years it had been thought that this particular giant had been sleeping, especially in terms of smart phones, 2010 signalled a change in direction.

The release of the latest smart phone off the Nokia production line and the latest version of their operating system, Symbian OS, provided if not a challenge to the domination of Apple's iPhone, at least a surprise success for Nokia. In October last year the N8 was released to much publicity and although, like all phones it has its issues, it represents a step in the right direction for the Finnish company.

In the past, Nokia have struggled in terms of software, especially Symbian's web browser. It got to the point where a lot of people who owned old Nokia smart phones would have to download a third party browser due to the poor standard of the one available on the phones.

Nokia have improved their own browser though and the speed and the ease of use have been vastly improved. The browser now also supports multi-touch features such as zooming and pinching, keeping up with the trends that other smart phones have set with their browsers.

The camera on the N8 is by far the stand out feature though. It is, by far, the best camera on the mobile phone market at the moment, both in terms of specifications and features. The phone boasts a frankly ridiculous 12 Megapixel camera, dwarfing most phones pixel count which is generally around the 5 mark and even beating some low end digital cameras.

The Shutter is also great, with a shutter lag of just 150ms compared to the average human reaction time of 250ms meaning you will never be able to notice the shutter yourself, with the camera therefore really capturing the moment.

The N8 also utilises a Xenon flash which is brighter and faster than the standard LED flashes used in most camera phones which, in effect means that the camera can light objects up to 3.5m away outdoors, or indoors up to 5m away.

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