Rebellion Rise, a WP7 Game Launched!

Rebellion Rise WP7 Game
UK-based Amused Sloth today launched their first game for Windows Phone 7Rebellion Rise.

Rebellion Rise takes you to an adrenaline filled journey through space as you try to recover your captured comrades and rebuild the resistance against the powerful Federation. This game will test your skill, patience, and reflexes as you find yourself in space battles against seemingly unbeatable foes.

Some of the features of this game are:
  • Fully voiced dialogues
  • Take part in 5 battles against gigantic base ships
  • Meet 6 different enemy fighters
  • Use unique power-ups to gain the upper hand
  • Test your skills against unlockable challenges.
“We’re excited to bring Rebellion Rise to the Windows Phone 7 audience. From casual gamers to hardcore hunters, Rebellion Rise provides an amazing and immersive gameplay experience. This is just the first of our games and a small part of our catalog of up and coming Windows Phone 7 games.” – said Catalin Zima, Lead Developer at Amused Sloth.

You can download the game from marketplace for $1.99

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