Samsung Camera can shoot remotely from Galaxy-S

samsung sh100 shoot with galaxy S
Samsung is making every effort to launch its new and innovative application by leveraging on Android smart phone industry. As recently there has been an announcement about the SH100 point-and-shoot camera which will be pairing with Galaxy S through local Wi-Fi network and it will be possible for the user to preview, zoom and shoot the camera in remote manner from the Android phone. Also in other functionalities the image or videos captured could be shared through online social networking sites.

It has been seen that in past there are many electronics manufacturers particularly the cell phone makers are making some inter-connections with their brand products and their business. It is possible in future that all major appliances present in a house could be interconnected and properly handled or operations could be handled just from the mobile phone of that brand.

This camera SH100 has a 14.2 megapixel sensor, 5x zoom, GPS for geo-tagging, and is equipped with image stabilization, face recognition and is all set to launch in March this year with a price tag of $199 USD.

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