Samsung Omnia 7: 15 WP7 Applications

samsung omnia 7 windows phone 7 apps
Samsung Omnia 7 is a popular windows phone 7 mobile. This phone has got a good market share among WP7 mobiles. Here are the 15 must have apps for Samsung Omnia 7, a WP7 mobile:

This app allows the user to avail e-books and is the official app from Amazon. It is truly excellent in its functionality. There is no requirement to buy digital books from anywhere else when you have this app installed. Due to the versatility of this app it is top rated in WP7 marketplace.

This app is meant for translation process and is much handy in its use and interface. The looks are not that impressive but still this app is able to cater the needs of the people. This app is just 99 cents and is a must have application.

Pictures Lab:
This is a photo editing application with a price tag of $1.99 can add photo effects and has editing techniques. The user interface is greatly impressive in this application.

Xbox LIVE Extras:
This is another free app which has some basic features like profile editing and messaging features. This all could be done once the WP7 is integrated with Xbox Live.

This app allows the user to check out RSS feeds of articles and websites which in turn allows the user to get more detailed information about any specific topic.

This is the official client app from eBay and is actually free in its use. In terms of the functionality this serves in the same way as the popular auction site where users can bid and buy their favorite products.

This app is from Facebook which is the king of all social networking sites and according to WP7 there is much deeper integration connecting People Hub with Facebook. In other features this app allows the user to necessarily do all those regular things offered in the site when operated through a PC.

This app as the name suggests finds a toilet during emergency times in an unknown place. In another feature this app could be used to review and rate different places which are used for standard tidiness and to avoid infection. This app is completely free to download.

This amazing app allows the user to stream videos from favorite TV shows and movies through a Wi-Fi network. But to avail this facility the user must have a subscription from Netflix and Wi-Fi network. This app has excellent features which are ever growing library of video content and therefore is must have app.

This is an official Twitter client app which is much excellent and efficiently functional. But sometimes the user also might think about using Seesmic which is a multi- networking application and alternatively could be used for sending tweets.

Virtual Remote: Media Control:
This app will simply convert the WP7 smart phone into a touch screen remote for the media player. In its features this app supports iTunes, Windows Media Center and VLC. This app has only a cost of $2.99 and is a must have application.

Flickr Manager:
There is an application in WP7 called Flickr Manager which makes it reasonably easier to see Flickr images and also this can be shared on Facebook and Windows Live accounts. This app is free to download and is a must have.

Adobe Reader:
This application is from Adobe which is helpful to read e-books because of the exceptional familiarity and readability of PDF files. This is certainly a must have application for the Windows Phone 7.

Unite is an excellent gaming app from Microsoft and it actually has puzzles for the user which needs to be solved with a ball that could be rolled around the screen with the help of sensors of the phone.

Cocktail Flow:
This app allows the user to find better refreshment drinks and beverages due to the in-built graphics and the sorting functions. But the only downside is this app is a bit costly when compared to its function.

To download any of the apps, just search for it in marketplace on your windows phone 7 or search for it in Zune software on your computer.

What apps you use on your Samsung Omnia 7? Share the apps you use using comments section.

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