Samsung's Android mp3 Player Launched!

samsung android mp3 player
Samsung will take the complete credit to launch the first Android based MP3 player which has been called Galaxy Player 50 at CES 2011. It seems that this device is the latest innovative effort from electronics giant Samsung as it is first Android powered mp3 player.

The Galaxy Player 50 lets the user to not only listen to fabulous songs and tracks and video playback but also the user can download many other applications and games from the Android Marketplace. It seems that there is a new potentially strong competitor to Apple’s iPod Touch which has similar functionalities.

In terms of features this device has a 3.2 inch touch screen, 2MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and memory slots ranging from 8GB to 16GB. This device although named to be MP3 player can also play videos of different formats like MPEG4, WMV and DivX/Xvid and also has the flexibility to convert them into other formats. The battery life of this device could be a matter of concern which is 25 hours audio and 5 hours video and is lesser in comparison to the iPod Touch.

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