Slothcyclopedia Windows Phone 7 App Updated

Slothcyclopedia windows phone 7 app
UK-based Amused Sloth today announced the release of the updated version of Windows Phone 7 application Slothcyclopedia. What makes it special is that it gives you the opportunity to have tons of knowledge at your fingertips. This application is the best tool one can have to explore the vast knowledge available on Wikipedia and other wiki sites.

Slothcyclopedia enables users to efficiently:
  • View articles from Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, WikiHow and a few other online encyclopedias.
  • Save their favorite articles and view them offline.
  • Keep a history of the read articles, so they can easily come back to them.
  • Add their own wiki sites to search and explore.
Enhancements include improved capabilities and features:
  • Add your own wiki sites to the application
  • Table of contents
  • Support for GIF files
  • Support for saving images on your device
  • Improved rendering engine
  • Performance improvements
The app costs $0.99 or you can download free trail. To download the app, just search for it in Marketplace on your mobile or download via zune HERE to your desktop.

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