Starbucks launched Mobile Payment System in U.S

Starbucks recently announced that there will be mobile payment facility in all U.S. company-operated stores. This facility will allow consumers to pay for buying of items inside the store from their smartphones itself.

This is the largest mobile payment system launched after the success of Card Mobile App from the same company Starbucks. In this program there are more than 6,800 stores which are related with the company and also there are more than 1,000 Starbucks in U.S. Target locations.

"This innovational approach by Starbucks will ease the consumers to make convenient and fast payments from their mobile phones itself", stated the Vice President of Starbucks Card and Brand Loyalty, Mr. Brady Brewer. It is good that improving innovative applications will increase the bonding between the consumers and the organization.

The Mobile Payment system is built on the Starbucks Card platform and over a couple of years there has been a substantial growth of customers as hinted by the officials. In order to experience this extravagant facility the users need to download the specific app for their respective smart phones. This application also allows customers to manage the Starbucks account, check or reload the card balance using any major credit card.

Currently this app is available for iPhone and BlackBerry phones. To download the app, just visit HERE.

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