Voyage Prive iPhone App Gives Access to Exclusive Travel Deals

Voyage Prive iPhone App
There is a new iPhone application available on the iTunes and it is from the popular travel sale website called Voyage Prive. This new innovation will facilitate the iPhone users to access the insider and exclusive travel deals.

The user will get all relevant maps and photos while browsing the application and the Call customer service feature will allow the user to directly inquire with some real authorized person.Some of the other features of the app are:
  • check out our private sales and access exclusive mobile offers
  • save your favorite offers and sign up for sales alerts
  • invite your friends to join
  • securely book your next trip
This application is free to download and has access to all its members for purchasing best travel packages and also know about discount offers. At first this app was launched for the French members and it was a huge hit. Hence it was launched to people in the other part of world

Download Voyage Prive iPhone app for FREE from iTunes.

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