5 Best NewsReader Apps for Android Phones

Android Newsreader apps
Check out the 5 best Android newsreader apps below:

Google Reader:
This is a free application meant for reading of newspapers and is the official app for this purpose. This app maintains proper synchronization with multiple accounts and gives complete access to the full subscription features to the users which are starring, marking while reading and even sharing with friends. This application has pretty good navigational features in which the phone's volume button is used as next and previous keys for the RSS feeds.

This is a free newsreader app which was first built for the iPhone and now available for Android phones. This app can allow the user to stream his Facebook feed along with the other news through other social media. The user can even import the feeds from the Google Reader to this application Pulse.

This was the application which was widely used before the Google Reader came into existence. This app supports multi-way synchronizing with Google Reader allowing offline reading, direct edit of the feed and support for local caching. Also the user can save media from the feed to the phone and also enable sharing through social networking medium. There are two versions of this app which are free and pro and the later costs about $6.

This app has two versions; one is basic and free and the other one is pro which costs around $7. This app properly synchronizes the app to the Google Reader account which is essential for real-time and offline reading. Also this app has notifications of new content, caching to the SD card for better readability and many more features.

This app syncs with Google Reader and can alsio alone manage the RSS feeds without Google's involvement. The user can search and preview the feeds, read offline with images and can easily select the view for articles. This application only costs $1.99 in the android market.

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