5 iPhone apps for Valentine’s Day

valentines day iPhone apps
It's Valentines Day, the season of love. Instead of giving the same old gifts to your loved ones you can impress them with some cool ideas. Though nothing can replace the timeless gifts like flowers, greeting cards or rings you can try out this cool stuff, Here are the 5 iPhone Apps you can try for Valentine's Day:

Profess your love in 50+ languages: Developed by Lingolook Publishing LLC and priced around $0.99 will help you utter the golden words "I Love You" in 50 languages. A sure way to impress your valentine through the language of love.

Valentine's Recipes : Developed by Post Imagineering, Inc and priced at $1.99, this app could help you make the perfect dish to impress your valentine.It is a known fact that majority of women prefer a home cooked meal on Valentines day.Enjoy a perfect day of love with the perfect meal from the comfort of your home.

Love poems@iWrite : Developed by Joel Epstein and priced at $0.99 this app will help you with poetry.Instead of just saying 'I Love You' you can impress your valentine with romantic poetry.This app has pre-saved love poems and can even generate love poems on its own with a little input from you.Go ahead and impress your valentine with the poet in you.

100 greatest love songs of all time: Developed by Melodeo, Inc and priced at $1.99 you can listen to 100 greatest love songs of all time.These include classics from the olden days to the modern day hits.It would be a great way to start your day with these songs.This would help you to get into the Valentine day mood and would set the stage for a day filled with love and romance.

Creative Romantic Ideas: Developed by In Business Solutions LLC and priced at $0.99 this app will help you to get creative on Valentines day.If you are short of ideas this Valentine's day then this app will help you come up with some creative and different ideas.The app can surprise you by adding new twists to the old ideas or by coming up with tortally new, crazy and fun ideas.

Hope you will have a blast with this iPhone apps on Valentine's Day.

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