5 Outstanding Free iPad Games

iPad 5 Free games
Everyone loves the iPad but the only problem is the amount of free apps that are available for the iPad is disappointing. The amount of free games however was something that everyone found to be great; here are best 5 free games for iPad that everyone loved.

Smurfs Village:
Everyone has heard of Smurf's, it was a cartoon and now we can even enjoy the game. It's quite simple and easy to play however – you can use your creative side because you will be building a village how you would want to build it. You will decide where everything is going to be set out, your entire village. You can even play a few mini-games to help you build your village.

Cut the rope; holiday gift:
We all love Christmas and can get a little depressed that it's over but worry no more; here you have your own little Christmassy game. This game is actually taken from the original quite popular game and has got everyone talking about it. The game is easy to understand, you have a pet that you must feed all the time. With each level difficulty increases and you have to work harder.

Puzzle Planet:
We all love puzzles and this one you will all love; you have to travel and solve puzzles as you go; it is not something that is just for kids though. All ages will love this.

Touch Hockey Extreme:
We all love hockey and this can't get any better; you have to work to get the points in this hockey game on your iPad.

Bakery Story:
All these types of games are quite popular everywhere you turn, you can create a bakery and try to keep all your customers happy.

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