Android 2.3.3 brings NFC reader/writer API

android-gingerbread 2.3.3
A few weeks earlier Google had released Android 2.3, Gingerbread a new version of Operating system for mobile phones. The main feature was the support for several new forms of communication the most prominent being the wireless technology NFC.

Recently Google offered a newer version (more of an upgrade) of the Operating system Android 2.3.3 to enhance the support for NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality on devices. The earlier version Android 2.3 came with a support for NFC, but only for developers. Android 2.3.3 also includes a NFC reader/writer API.

The reader/writer API will allow apps to read and write to most of the NFC tags being used today. When an NFC tag comes into range, apps would have more control on how and when they would launch, this concept known as Advanced Intent dispatching is available with the new Android 2.3.3 SDK platform. The new platform will also provide some limited support in the case of peer-to-peer connection with other NFC devices.

The downside is that Android 2.3.3 is only a small upgrade without many extra features, but Google hopes that these enhanced features will allow developers to create a new class of contactless, proximity-based applications for users.

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