Best 5 Music Apps for Android Phones

best android music applications
If you own an Android device, you have a number of choices when it comes to music apps. Some of them are free and some are available for a nominal amount, we present to you the best 5 music apps for Android phones:

Pandora Radio:
It comes in two versions, the free version that comes with a lot of ads and the ad free version that is available for a nominal price. It has a huge streaming music base and also has the ability to start, pause and bookmark selections. Whenever you search for an album, artist or a composer the app will create what is known as a station (dynamic playlist) with similar music. There is also an option to buy and download the current station.

TuneWiki is a Social Media Player which can automatically download info regarding songs currently being played. It can download lyrics and missing data for your songs. The cool thing about this app is that it can translate the lyrics into 40 different languages and display them as sub-titles for your song. The app also allows you to see what other TuneWiki users around the world are currently listening to. It can also post Now Playing notifications to Twitter and Facebook allowing your friends to see what you are hooked on to. This app also has the capability of internet streaming radio. This app had won the coveted Android Network Award and is available for free.

MixZing is a popular music app .The coolest feature of this app is that it allows you to create playlists according to your whims and moods. The other features include album art, graphic equalizer and artist biographies.

Music PlayerPro:
It allows you to select music depending upon either folder or playlist or genre. It can also find album and artist reviews for you. It also allows you to share your current notifications with Facebook and Twitter. The app also comes with a sleep timer which can be programmed to shut down either after a pre-determined time or after the last song in the playlist. It also has other features like visual themes and tag editing.

PowerAMP supports a large number of music formats. It also allows you to fine–tune the audio and allows you to use the hardware resources efficiently. It also allows you to customize other settings such as per-song/per-output preset. The app also comes with loads of other features such as visual themes, bass and treble adjustments, a scribbling and tag editor.

All these cool apps will allow you to experience music like never before.

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