Best Smartphones at MWC 2011

MWC 2011 best smartphones
The Mobile World Congress has concluded and the unspoken conclusion is that smartphones are here to stay. The future of the mobile world belongs to the smartphones. Though a number of new phones were launched the one thing common to all phones was no exact information was available on the launch date and the price. We bring you some of the phones launched this year at MWC

HTC had launched the five smartphones at the MWC. The HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S and the HTC Wildfire S can be seen as upgrades of their previous versions and did not have any incredible features to boast of. The other two phones HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha hogged much of the limelight. These two came with a dedicated key for hardware and a new version of HTC sense. These two phones were touted as the devices to have for social networking. Let's hope HTC also delivers when it comes to pricing.

Samsung failed to impress this year. The leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy S II a day prior to the release did not help much either. Samsung's 4.3 inch smartphone managed to grab some attention and the hopes are high that just like its predecessor Galaxy S, S II would also be a runaway hit.

Apple was not present this year at the MWC but was one of the most talked about brands. It received the GSMA best smartphone award for its iPhone 4.It is still the best company when it comes to smartphones and sets the standards in the smartphone world.

LG pinned its hopes on 3D to make its presence felt in the mobile world. The LG Optimus 3D comes with a 5 Megapixel camera and also comes with OMAP4 processor capable of Full HD recording. The LG Optimus 3D stands a very good chance in the world of 3D phones.

Sony couldn't make its mark at this year's MWC. XPERIA play was over hyped and the info and photos of XPERIA Neo were leaked earlier taking out the element of surprise during the launch. Only XPERIA Pro was able to get some attention. The PlayStation phone makes use of regular analog sticks rather than touch screen capabilities which might affect its sales and we also have to wait and see if the phone will receive considerable support from gaming developers. The phone comes with very few games and does not match up with other smartphones that offer hundreds of games and come equipped with better hardware.

Nokia too was another widely discussed brand at MWC in spite of not having any major launches. The company's partnership with Microsoft was a hotly debated at the MWC. Hopes are high that the company will make a turn around and start pumping more life into its brand of mobile phones.

The MWC, a truly spectacular event showcased the latest products from the mobile world showing us a glimpse of the future of mobile phones.

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