Bizzy Application for Android now Available

Bizzy app for Android
Good news for Android users. Bizzy, the recommendation search engine has finally made it to Android.  Bizzy was available on iPhone since a long time but Android users will also get to enjoy its services now. The app on Android will be just as good as the one available on iPhone.

If you do not know what Bizzy is, it is a search engine that recommends based on your interests. It recommends restaurants, shops and entertainment based on your tastes. When you sign up for the service you are initially presented with a list of questions. This is to know your likes and dislikes regarding food, clothes and entertainment. Based on this and other's interests Bizzy will recommend places, restaurants, bars and movies.

Using Bizzy is much better than any search engine as the results are more focused and match your interests. The other features of this app include tips from other users, sharing your tips with others, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, getting to know other users with same interests and localized searches.

Ever since it was launched the number of recommendations from different users has only grown and the popularity of the app is increasing exponentially. This app is available for FREE in the Android Market.

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