Camera+ App for iPhone Updated with lots of Interesting Features

Camera app for iPhone
The Apple iPhone has always had a weak camera compared to its competitors and over the years it has only improved. The camera is a must have for anyone passionate about photography. The apps that support the camera have also shown loads of improvement over time.

The camera+ app of the iPhone has been updated and a number of new features have been added. The app allows you to take better quality photos and has grid and image stabilization options. All the tweaks and filters it allows make photography very interesting.

Some of the new features are
  • Major improvements were made in effects processing.
  • Change in the icon for multi-select.
  • A highly improved pinhole effect, offset, sprocket borders and film.
  • Bugs were fixed in problem areas like previews and sharing on Facebook
  • The order in which photos are shared can be chosen and geotags and metadata are can be retained while mailing
  • Photos can be saved automatically to the Camera roll and the info panel's usability has been improved.
  • Info on photos can be obtained from Lightbox without zooming and the copy button has been replaced as a tap and hold pop up.
  • Apart from all of these the quality of a number of effects has been dramatically improved.
The app is priced at $0.99.With such wonderful features at such a low price, it's a steal.

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