GetGlue Check-In App Beta for BlackBerry

GetGlue BlackBerry
GetGlue with close to a million users is a highly popular social network for entertainment. GetGlue fans can use apps to check in music, movies, songs, their favorite shows and much more. Users can share their thoughts with their friends about these shows and can earn exclusive rewards from GetGlue's partners in the process.

GetGlue has recently launched a check-in app for blackberry. It is still in private beta mode. This follows the release of Android and iPhone apps which also allow you to check in and share.

With the explosion in the check-in culture GetGlue has gained lot of popularity. The amazing thing about GetGlue is that apart from checking in; you can also like, dislike and also post reviews. All these can be shared on twitter and facebook by the click of a button.

An interesting and fun feature of GetGlue is that the more times you check in and rate the more stickers you earn and once you reach a certain number of virtual stickers you can have a batch of real stickers delivered to your house.

You can apply for the BlackBerry GetGlue private beta and check it out. Hopefully this should improve the check-in experience of the user.

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