Gingerbread running on Samsung Galaxy Tab

CyanogenMod was thought to be working with just Smartphone's but now it had branched out to the ever popular android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy tab which have been running on Gingerbread using CyanogenMod. A new CyanogenMod 7 version has been brought to the tablet to accomplish this feat.

Many think of this as a risk though, so there has been a few people staying away from the Gingerbread on Galaxy tab. But many others don't think that Gingerbread is going to be coming to the tablet in the next few weeks because the froyo update itself has taken so long to get it to the Samsung Galaxy S.
Galaxy tab running gingerbread
The Gingerbread on Tab has been a little dysfunctional and if you do want to get Gingerbread for your Galaxy tab then you will probably have to get a GSM version of the tablet.

via XDA

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