Google Movie Studio for Android Tablets Announced

Google Movie Studio for Android Tablets
Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt unveiled the 'Google Movie Studio' at the mobile world congress. Google Movie Studio is a cloud based video editor that can be used to edit music, stills, videos and effects using the power of cloud.

The edited versions can be uploaded to YouTube by the push of a button. Last year there was a lot of excitement as Apple announced an iMovie app for iOS 4 devices. This promised to change the way in which movies were shot and edited. By adding the power of the cloud to this Google has taken the experience of shooting and editing movies to a whole new level.

Some of the features of Google Movie Studio are audio soundtrack support, timeline editor, effects and video transitions and above all the ability to edit and upload HD videos. The application was built from scratch to run on Android tablets running 3.0.

As more tablets and smartphones shift towards using dual core processors the capability to edit videos online is increasing. The only downside of the application is the software architecture. Cloud gives the power to the users to start the editing in one device and finish it in another making it ideal for users on the go.

Uploading the content to YouTube is easy and hassle free. Google Movie Studio through the power of the cloud has transformed the way in which movies are shot and edited.

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