Hitachi to make 1280x720 LCD Mobile Screens

Hitachi New retina display mobile phone
Screen resolution and Display have become the new battleground for smartphones. With Hitachi announcing an advanced LCD display for smartphones the competition has only become hotter. The newly released display rivals the mighty Retina Display which is found on Apple products like the iPad and the iPhone.

At 329 pixels per inch Hitachi's 4.5 inch screen can be considered as a Retina Display. Comparatively Apple's iPhone has only 326 pixels per inch. Hitachi's screen uses an LED backlight to produce a resolution of 720 x 1280 and a contrast ratio of 1100:1.

Hitachi's new LCD screen beats the screen used by Apple by a mile as it has a resolution of 960×640 for a 3.5-inch screen and a contrast ratio of only 800:1.Hitachi has described its screen specifications as the limit that can be perceived by the human eye.

Hitachi will be starting the production of its screen around October this year and it will be available on smartphones from early next year. Let's hope that Hitachi lives up to its bold claims and revolutionizes the world of display.

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