HP Palm Pre3 Phone Preview

Palm Pre3 phone preview
The Palm Pre3 is a great option to choose, it is great if you have a hectic home and work life; you have got a touch screen phone with built in email with a hidden slide out keyboard and not to forget the 1.4GHz processor. With this slide-out QWERTY keyboard you have room to move your fingers without knocking into the wrong key so if you need to email on the go then you can without difficulty.

You have access to saveable calendars so you can be alerted when you have an important meeting or birthday at home which can be separated or integrated into one. It is the same with email, your inboxes can be combined or have separate accounts for your personal life and your work life; all contacts can be updated quickly. There is even GPS built into the phone in case you get lost.

Your new phone is going to be equipped for all your business needs; you can video call out to your family or to your clients if you are running late for a meeting. You will have Touchstone technology so if you have a HP TouchPad then you could share your information easier; you can use the touch screen to answer and end calls and if you want to text then you can do it by your touch screen.

The Pre3 has webOS built in so that you are able to open your apps quick, share data with your friends and even get your data and files sorted out easier. The Pre3 is also very easy to multitask so you can open one app and then email before you switch back and open a music app. It is that simple, it is what a lot of people that is always on the go needs, the capacity to switch easy between your apps and work.

The Pre3 has Just Type which means that you are able to search what you are looking for on the web, go emailing or a text message, with integrated messaging it could be easier – you just need to begin typing away on your phone and that's all!

You can update your presence online also so if you have a social networking site then you can update your profile with ease. You even have thousands of apps ready to be used, so you can download as many as you want!

With this Pre3 you can get a lot of accessories to go with it, you can get touchstone meaning the dock will charge up your phone (without any wires). Or if you are always on the go, go for the vehicle power charger, you can charge your phone as you drive. You can even have a hands-free Bluetooth set.

So if you are looking for a faster smartphone, then you can consider purchasing Palm Pre3 which has blazing speed.

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