iCamera HDR app captures professional photos on your iPhone

iCamera HDR for iPhone
iCamera HDR for iPhone uses Everimaging's cutting edge technology to capture, edit, and create beautiful and professional photos on your iPhone.

Perhaps it is the first app in the App Store to include the most advanced capture modes, full 32-bit HDR processing workflow, a range of digital photography post processing functions and awesome photo effects all in one app.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Automatic in-app HDR captures mode allow you to capture beautiful images with one tap.
  • Manual in-app HDR capture mode allows you choose the exposures you prefer to create your HDR images.
  • Single in-app HDR capture mode allows you use only one photo to create HDR photos at lightning speed.
  • Normal in-app capture mode use in-app iPhone standard camera combined with other capture features (steady &/or fill light) to capture photos for later in-app processing.
  • Advanced image alignment algorithm precisely aligns photos in seconds.
  • Different levels of Anti-shake ensure the most clear, clean capture of photos.
  • We provide three different patented Tone Mapping Engines with fine tuning sliders for your choices to get the image you like.
  • True 32-bit HDR workflow.
  • Use the iPhone 4 flash as a continuous fill light to improve photo capture quality.
  • Dozens of sliders and buttons for you to completely fine tune and control your final images.
  • Innovative E-Lighiting technology
  • Photo library support
  • Share your photos to Flickr and Facebook with one touch directly from within iCamera HDR.
Download the app for $1.99 from appstore.

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