iPad Radiology App to be Launched Soon?

iPad radiology Application
The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved the first diagnostic radiology app. It would be used to view medical images to make diagnosis using apple's iPad and iPhone. The app called Mobile MIM will display on screen the same images as in the case of an x-ray.

Doctors would be able to look at x-ray's on iPhones and iPads and make diagnosis quickly. This is said to be much quicker than the conventional x-ray and also just as accurate.

The FDA states that this is not intended as a complete replacement of the workstation but it is to be used as an alternative when there is no access to a workstation. This device would help doctors make quick diagnosis instead of waiting to access the workstation. This could prove very useful in emergency and life threatening situations.

The Mobile MIM allows the images to be transmitted securely through the mobile devices. The images that can be viewed are based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed and positron emission tomography (CT and PET)

This app was evaluated by the FDA according to international standards and guidelines. Luminance, resolution and noise level measurements were carried out for the app. Demo tests were carried out under a variety of light conditions and a conclusion was reached that the app was sufficient medical image diagnosis and interpretation.

The app would be available very soon and would surely help doctors in making quick and accurate diagnosis.

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