Light Racer 3D Android Game Review

Light racer 3D Android Game
Light Racer 3D for Android is a motorcycle racing 3D game set in futuristic theme.

The game Light Racer 3D is an arcade style game in an arena where the ultimate victory is by the virtue of the death of the opponent. In short the last man standing in this game is the winner. The player needs to be cautious and wary of the obstacles scattered throughout the game like the walls, random blocks and light rays which can end the life of the player. The more the player evades the obstacles of death, the more points he earns.

The game starts instantly as the user will find him driving at high speed and only needs to evade and avoid dangers by pressing right side of the screen to move right and left side for moving left. The view could be changed by the arrows present in the bottom of the screen.

There are options where the user can play in either single mode with computer or in multiplayer mode with other live players. This game has the paced up nature and therefore its quite addicting. Every time the player fails, the faster he will be back on the track.

The versatility of this game could be owed to its game-play options like the Solo Campaign, Speed Trials,Custom modes and also to the game mechanics involved in the game.

Download the game for $1.99 from HERE

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