PadKite App acts as a mouse for your Android Phone

PadKite App acts as a mouse for Android
PadKite, the latest application to hit the Android market is like a mouse for your smartphone. The app is perfect someone with large fingers or someone who is just lazy and avoids zooming in and out.

It works like a computer mouse while surfing the web on your smartphone. Though the app appears quite plain and ordinary initially, it's a powerful app that makes selecting text and navigating between web pages a piece of cake. The app provides a circle with a cross that functions like a mouse pointer. You can guide the mouse as you like.

Text selection is very easy with this app. You need to select the beginning of the next and then drag the other finger to select the text you need. The cool feature of this app is that after selecting the text, if you draw the @ symbol the text will appear in a new email. There are a number of such features which can be used with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other general search.

The app is not yet available for download in the Android Market but you can download it from their website and check it out. With a number of such cool features its one app that is worth having in your phone

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