Samsonite Travel Miles app for Android and iOS Devices

samsonite travels app for android and iPhone
The apps being launched for iPhone and Android smartphones seem to defy imagination, the recent one being the Travel Miles app launched by Samsonite. The app is touted to be a one-stop shop for today's travelers and backpackers.

The primary functionality of the device is to track the number of miles. This is accomplished by an inbuilt GPS receiver. The miles covered can be exchanged for Samsonite gifts for purchases online.

The app also allows the users to share their photos, travel experiences and the routes taken during travel with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. The app also has the ability to find a local luggage store which could come handy while travelling. Another practical application of the app is that it regularly updates the information about baggage restrictions for several airlines. This will help the users to plan in advance and avoid hassles at check in.

The app was developed by "In The Pocket" mobile agency and had won the Application Marathon prize in Brussels in September 2010.

The Travel Miles app has a number of practical applications and would be a handy if not an indispensable tool whether you are on a business trip or are going out with your family. The app can be downloaded for free from Android marketplace or Apple iTunes.

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