Skiver app for Android helps you to skip work with good excuses

skiver android app
The English dictionary defines skiver as a person who avoids work or responsibility. If it's that day of the week where you just don't feel like going to the office, instead of racking your brains to find an excuse to tell your boss you can make use of an app called skiver. It's an app released by Android that allows you to skip office by coming up with good excuses.

To use the application all you have to do is enter the number of days you want to skip office, depending upon this the app will come up with a long list of illnesses along with their symptoms. You can call up your boss informing him about your illness or you can use the pre-defined email functionality that would send an email directly to your boss stating your illness and the number of days of absence.

Another interesting feature of the app is that instead of letting your day at home go waste it comes up with a number of activities you can do to keep yourselves busy on your so called sick day. Skiver uses google maps to find movies, music shows; art exhibits that are happening in and around your area so that you can get busy and have fun.

With the advent of apps like skiver, bosses have to be extra careful before approving an employee's sick leave. It's definitely worth giving a shot, who knows it might just work out and you can have a day of fun instead of spending time at the office.

Download the app for FREE from android market.

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